How are you this Monday morning?  The most over paid producer in the business Plastic Fantastic Pete lost the music I wanted to give you first thing today.  It has been located.  Only Pete would file Jefferson Airplane under the letter “C.”  He is a constant source of comedy around the Air Studio. 

While you are on board the flight please relax and check out the recent Allman Brothers videos with Gregg Allman, Dickie Betts, and company.  Of all places it is a home town gig!  Macon, Georgia.  Look to the right of the page and you will see the info.  Click and the videos await your viewing!  Enjoy!

 Jefferson Airplane the unreleased: 

Trial By Fire-  False start and the actual song (instrumental) 1972  Wally Heider’s Studio, San Francisco, California. 

Hope you enjoyed all the recent version Aircast versions. 

Here is what I’m debating would you like to hear a Grace

Slick demo about Cannibalism?  Let me know via Airmail

please or do you think it is a bit much?   Don’t forget the book is on the Jefferson Airplane-

“Take Me To A Circus Tent.” 

Didn’t think the Yankees would salvage the 4-3 win last night in Boston.  Clemons pitched great.  The sad thing is since they started the season 21-29 the three games over the weekend were not about a battle for first place.  It was all about holding on to the Wild Card lead.    

 Thanks as always for flying by and I’ll see you

on the next flight,