Allman Brothers-Grand Opera House “Ain’t Wastin’ Time No More” from Macon, Georgia (September 10, 73)  Video  

Back again.  How we doing now?  I promised Part 2 of our Allman Brothers journey to the early 70’s.  If you please click the above link the plane will get you there on time.

Please look to the right for a great couple of songs with 4 Airplaner’s from today!  I got 3 requests for the same unreleased version of an Airplane classic.  I will do my best to make that the next update.   The question going around the globe is why not now?  I am glad you asked.  The worst producer money can’t buy Plastic Fantastic Pete forgot what he did with the song.  Unfortunately for me he remembers to show up to the Aircast Studio, it may be 3/5 of an hour late but he does slink on in. Enjoy the flight and I’ll see what we can do about the Airplane request.  Back to the tent. 

Be well,