Hello there from the Airplane Tower: How is the afternoon going? This should make the flight special.  Two for the price of nothing. First we fly back to the

10/2/93 Alfred College, Alfred, NY Jefferson Starship gig

 St. Charles 

Paul Kantner- guitar, vocals

Marty Balin- vocals

Jack Casady- bass

Papa John Creach- fiddle & vocals (Some tracks)

Slick Aguilar- lead guitar & vocals

Tim Gorman- keyboards

Prairie Prince- drums 

Then if you board the plane here:

 there is a photo from jack Casady at the Monterey Jazz Festival September 3,1966 never seen before!  Thank you Herb Greene. 

Enjoy the rest of the day and I’ll see what treasures are in the circus tent as I hope to pay my rent. Remember to please check out all the photos in the Airshow Pages.  Over 70 rare pictures for you fine flyers. 

Bye for now,