Good day and thanks for flying by: 

Tuesday morning and early it is, but there is something to say. 

Normally it is about giving some rock and roll as we enjoy a journey anywhere from 1965-2007 and that happened about 10 minutes ago. This is about great ideas going in the wrong direction. 

Have you or any of your friends ever posted something on You Tube with no intention of doing anything but sharing a cool video?  You are not selling it, you are not making fun of it, and you want nothing but a thank you from those that got the same joy you did. Lately (Especially the past year) with no fault to You Tube they have been sending a trillion letters to customers that a video violated copyright law. 

Here is what makes it so sad. It isn’t as if all the letters are aimed at somebody that purchased a Honeymooners or I Love Lucy show and people can watch it and are taking away monies from certain individuals. 

I am talking about music that has never been or ever will be issued. If it is so important to the powers that be to cut You Tube’s content as if it is a knife through melted butter then let us see more archival releases from the vaults.  You don’t want Jane Doe putting up a Black Sabbath show from 1976 or John Nobody uploading the Kinks from the 60’s, that is fine.  Let it be available for purchase.  Don’t have the hatred in a heartless body to take joy and fun away from those that love music.  Don’t make somebody have less to look forward to when they arrive home from a job they hate or a bunch of classes that they don’t want to sit through. 

The internet should have been as follows.  Log on, don’t hurt anyone of any age, color, or religion, share music, photos, letters, and don’t have a dark cloud hovering over us.  Selling a licensed product is a different story.  Sharing what never has been released is what a normal person calls friendly and proper. 

I’ll see you on the return flight for some great rock and roll. Have a super day and I’ll be back with the rarities from the vault later on. 

All the best,