Jefferson Airplane Jefferson Starship                    

Jefferson Starship-2/28/95 The Bayou – Washington, D.C.  Today 

Jefferson Starship-6/25/1994

Concert For Colorado

University of Colorado

Denver, Colorado  

Wooden Ships 

Marty Paul, and Jack representing the Ship

rather well. 

It’s almost the weekend.  Hope you are doing great.  A couple of nice Airplane gems from the vault as done by the J.S.  We travel to 1994 and 1995 and find the shows about to begin.  Enjoy the sounds and please always look around the site.  There is plenty of great music and legendary photos of the Jefferson Airplane as well as pictures never seen previously.  

I’ll go back to the tent where I can try to pay rent but have no fear with more goodies to be hear.   

Please remember at any moment on an Aircast it can be a rare memory from the Jefferson Airplane, Jefferson Starship, KBC, Wooden Ships, Marty Balin, Paul Kantner to name several.  Maybe another picture previously unseen from the Rock Tent Vault sees daylight from Herb Greene or Don Aters. 

Have a fantastic Friday night. 

Be well always,