Update 1 of 2 the Airshow Photos!  2 is

only 7 minutes away!  Hello there and welcome to Sunday from Airplane Land. How are you?  This should make it an even better day.  2 for the price of nothing. 

There will be 2 Updates coming a few seconds apart from the Airplane Computer.  Isn’t technology superlative when it  works? On the first one more photos and it proves the Summer of Love has not ended yet. Please fly here for Don Aters terrific shots from Golden Gate Park,

San Francisco 

while you are there please check the very 1st picture to see the full

length shot of the Airplane House (Mansion) from Don! 

The second Update almost ready to land will feature one legendary tune and one of the most underrated from the Airplane family! Marty Balin & Slick Aguilar-Turning Point Café, Piermont, New York June 29, 2004. 

Comin’ Back To Me

City Lights (Found on The Aviator and Marty Balin 2003) please fly here for great Marty Balin recordings:  

Please remember at any moment on an Aircast it can be a rare memory from the Jefferson Airplane, Jefferson Starship, KBC, Wooden Ships, Marty Balin, Paul Kantner to name several.  Maybe another picture previously unseen from the Rock Tent Vault sees daylight from Herb Greene or Don Aters. 

Have a fantastic afternoon and more goodies can be unlocked from the Rock Tent Vault later. I’ll sign off for now and this is

Update 1 of 2! 

Be well,