Hi All Airplane & Jefferson Starship Fans:

I hope the weekend went well.    I didn’t want to post this with any of the gems from the vault because the only promotion here is to get some positive words to a good family (Long time Airplane/Starship fans).  It involves no money, only a 1 minute airmail to let them know you are thinking of them.  Thank you so!

May I please take a moment from you because a long time fan of the Jefferson Family had some news that could puncture any parents heart.  His son was in a serious car crash.  Could you be kind enough to let him know your thoughts are with him and you wish his son Donovan a one- hundred percent speedy recovery.  I put the My Space link for him below.  He also asked me if you would check out the website of a band that brings him “Good Karma” Cliff Wagner and Old Number 7.  Their link is below as well.

Please tell Robert that Craig is thinking of the family.  The message he sent me is below as well.

“It was the phone call at the crack of dark, that every parent dreads hearing. Anyway our eldest son Donovan, was in a near fatal car crash. He split his skull open, cracked three vertebrae in his neck, and has been temporally (we pray) blinded in one eye.”


Cliff Wagner and Old Number 7

Thanks as always for your time,