Hello there and welcome to Saturday:

How are you?  Hope things are well.  Normally I like to make the posts fancy with different colors and fonts so it has a 60’s feel.  Today is serious because it destroyed a myth.  It was always thought and hoped the Beatles would live forever.

December 8th, 1980 changed all that.  For John Lennon:

J.S. The Next Generation

House Of Blues

Atlantic City, New Jersey

February 14, 2006

All You Need Is Love

and for all of us:

Jefferson Airplane

The Matrix

San Francisco, California

February 1, 1968

She Has Funny Cars

It is interesting to note that if you poll an Airplane fanatic that has heard the majority of live performances that are preserved, this gig is always toward the top of the list.  Tremendous.  The outro to All You Need Is Love belends in great with the intro to She Has Funny Cars. 

I hope if you are missing John (George too) the music and memories make the day that much better.

Have a fantastic night always be well and safe,