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Welcome to the Air Rock & Roll Photo Studio:

What’s new? I hope you had the great weather we did in Airplane Land. 81

degrees with no humidity or wind. On top of that the Yankees actually beat the

Angels for the first time in 1,267 years.

I got an Airmail recently from a fan of the Jefferson’s and the Doors. They wanted to know if I could post some photos of the guys on the website. Not only Jim, but the other 3. I was glad there were photos in the Rock Tent Vaults for a couple of reasons. I always want to expand the pictures on the site but it was nice getting an Airmail that talked about The Doors as a band and not Jim with 3 backing musicians. They were a great band and the accolade’s should be given to each. There are also 2 pictures of Bono as he inducts The Who into the Rock Hall Of Fame, and the amazing bass. Yes, Mr. Jack Casady had in the 70’s what Mr. McCartney had in the 60’s. The bass of the decade. Paul’s Beatle Bass as they called it was ultra cool. Jack’s 70’s Flying V was as tall as he is. What memories from the great Hot Tuna gigs. There is a photo of Jack playing the V from 1977. As always in free-flight.

All you do is board the plane here:

When you touch down please look to the left and click on

J.Airshow Photos 9 Number 9 (The newest section on the site).

Have a look around the other massive photos on board!

Don’t forget to check out yesterday’s audio when Mick Taylor and John Mayall with Keith Emerson were having some fun. Look to the right as you read this.

Thanks as always.

Relax and have fun!



Take Me To A Circus Tent

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Please remember at any moment on an Aircast it can be a rare memory from the Jefferson Airplane, Jefferson Starship, KBC, Wooden Ships, Marty Balin, Paul Kantner to name several. Maybe another picture previously unseen from the Rock Tent Vault sees daylight from Herb Greene or Don Aters.

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