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Have You Seen The Stars Tonite

Have You Seen The Circus Tent Tonite

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5.0 out of 5 stars Have You Seen The Stars Tonite, September 1, 2008

By John G. Hopkins (Portugal) – See all my reviews

Let me put my cards on the table immediately. I like the Airplane. And I mean the Airplane up until 1972. Yes, alright, I like the years before the Starship fully kicked in too. But my interest in the Jefferson family did not really extend too much further. As a collector I have found it simply too vast to keep up with the post 1974 doings of the various members of the Jefferson family, and as a music lover I remember (with pain) becoming ever more disillusioned with the direction the mothership seemed to be taking after Red Octopus.

So through the years I did not give the KBC band, the Airplane reunion, or even JSTNG much of a chance. They were, to a large extent, off the radar. As I got older, my own family concerns took up more time, work took me off in new directions, and through necessity my interests in the Jeffersons stayed more and more firmly rooted where they had begun. I knew that I had allowed myself to miss out on what the Jefferson family had been doing in more recent times, and I hoped that a reading of the new book would bring me up to date a little. Of course I was not really that out of date or out of touch. I have a few great recordings from recent years, I am familiar with the various band related websites, I read `Holding Together’, and I generally try to keep myself informed, so I was not going completely into the unknown – but I could not have expected what this tome of research was to reveal to me.

I was immensely happy to read of the expected launch of `Have You Seen The Stars Tonite’ by Craig Fenton, and happier still to get my hands on a copy. Since November 2006 there have not been too many days when I have not taken a look at sections of `Take Me To A Circus Tent’, and I am now confident that it will be the same with `Have You Seen The Stars Tonite’. AS previously stated, I am not a post-1974 collector, and I will not use it to cross reference everything that I have, but what a joy it is just to be able to check out what was played at a given place on a given night, who was in the line-up and how Paul Kantner is keeping the past alive. It is a work of huge proportions and it reveals gems on information every time it is opened. Actually the photographs on page 168 and 169 make the purchase worthwhile on their own.

I thank Mr. Fenton for putting this together, and for allowing me to appreciate just how often the Kaptain has issued a series of blows against the empire and how often he and the others have performed our favorite tunes. The volume has further awakened my interest in the current shape of the band, and it has encouraged me to widen my own music collection, starting immediately with the newly released Jefferson Starship studio album. One cannot praise the dedication of Mr. Fenton enough, and I hope that all those of you, who like me, may have thought that the golden years could not be recreated will use this new book to help you think again. I urge you all to purchase a copy.


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Take Me To A Circus Tent

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The book is Take Me To A Circus Tent (The Jefferson Airplane Flight Manual) W/93 photos, 32 interviews, 543 pages, and a myriad of 5 star reviews!

Please remember at any moment on an Aircast it can be a rare memory from the Jefferson Airplane, Jefferson Starship, KBC, Wooden Ships, Marty Balin, Paul Kantner to name several. Maybe another picture previously unseen from the Rock Tent Vault sees daylight from Herb Greene or Don Aters.

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