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Great SocietyTake Me To A Circus Tent

Have You Seen The Stars Tonite

Have You Seen The Circus Tent Tonite

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Welcome to Rock Jefferson:

We’ve got thrills galore for our rock flight.

How are you? Ready to rock?

Before we get to the rock and roll one from the series side of life. The other day there was a school shooting in Finland. I have a good friend that lives there and the first thing that goes through your mind is the family has school age kids. They happen to be 300 or so miles away from the incident, thankfully. It makes you wonder time and time again how nobody sees this coming. A person that has the desire to end the life of others and even their own is not normal the day before, the month before, etc. Wouldn’t you believe one time somebody from the family, work, neighborhood, law enforcement, etc would sense this person has something going on that isn’t normal. How many kids have to lose their life before better measures are taken?

On to rock and roll people!!

How about one so intense it takes two

Jefferson Family female singers to bring this one to the crowd!

We head over to the Brookdale Inn, Brookdale, California

Jefferson Starship on stage July 18, 2008 (7/18/08) for:

Hyperdrive (W/vocals by Darby Gould and Cathy Richardson)

Enjoy! Got to go rock and roll.

Today on the radio I heard Bob Dylan’s “Isis” for the first time on the FM dial since 1979.  Once progressive radio started to be extinct there wasn’t much of a chance of that making the Classic Rock rotation.  A non-commercial station played the song and it was terrific to be able to enjoy it in the car.  normally if it is the non common Dylan if you don’t have it on the CD player it won’t happen!

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Take Me To A Circus Tent

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The book is Take Me To A Circus Tent (The Jefferson Airplane Flight Manual) W/93 photos, 32 interviews, 543 pages, and a myriad of 5 star reviews!

Please remember at any moment on an Aircast it can be a rare memory from the Jefferson Airplane, Jefferson Starship, KBC, Wooden Ships, Marty Balin, Paul Kantner to name several. Maybe another picture previously unseen from the Rock Tent Vault sees daylight from Herb Greene or Don Aters.

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