Dad is doing better and that is priority 1.  Before spending the day in the hospital with

him, I checked some of the amazing photos for the book.  There were shots when Signe was in the band that may never have been seen before. 

The nice thing about what they refer to as “Contact Sheets” is there may be 9 photos in 1.  To go through 100’s of photos and attempt to narrow them down isn’t easy.  The people are all major league photographers.

Hope you can stop by the website and watch it take off.

Enjoy Saturday,

Craig The Airplane Man

The last 48 hours were filled with the normal great things that go with the writing of a book.  I got to speak with the Airplane Manager Bill Thompson and I needed to talk with Signe Anderson about a gift.

About 24 hours ago my dad ended up in the hospital.  Before that talking with Signe she is a bit run down from some medical situations. 

It really grasps at your throat how we like to think of our family and stage heroes as well as the athletes we cheer for, are indestructable and can not be harned.  It becomes such a reality check when you see your dad have to spend even 1 second in a hospital.

As the book continues to take flight, a wish that dad and Signe”Feel So Good” soon.

All the best,

Craig Fenton

Craig The Airplane Man