Hi everyone.

If you notice there will be no plugs or sale pitch for anything of mine.  When tragedy strike such as the loss of my parents over the years or the gunman/hostage situation in Binghamton the only thing that matters is the event. Thoughts are with the entire city and the families involved directly or indirectly with the events today.

In the early 1980’s a Classic Rock radio station WAAL (The Whale) (99.1 on the FM dial if memory serves me well) took a chance on a fairly young broadcaster.  They afforded me the opportunity to work the Saturday 7-12PM shift and sometime during Sunday as well as fill-ins.  It was an honor because during the day I was employed at a small station in Pennsylvania about 82 miles away and the only listeners were cows.  I’m thankful they took the time to hear me.

Binghamton was and is a fantastic city.  A college town with friendly smiles.  The requests lines to the Whale would be jammed and it always took me back how the fine listeners would thank me.  They did Craig Fenton the favor not the other way around.

There was a sense of magic during the time broadcasting.  The outside world stopped and everything in life was viewed from the highest mountain.

I still recall the top of the hour saying “Good evening you’re listening to classic rock on 99.1 FM WAAL Binghamton, New York.”

The catch-phrase Whale was perfect.  Their ratings were tremendous and the signal covered about 90 miles in each direction.

At 3.50 an hour (before taxes) I would have paid them to work there.

For the guys in charge at the time Don Morgan (still there as Program Director), John Carter, and Keith Nelson thank you for taking a chance on me.  Always know that all these decades later I have never forgot the honor of calling the Whale home.


If you are ever in or near Binghamton, New York listen to the Whale and tell them Craig Fenton says hello!

If you have any acquaintances in the city please let them know you care and are thinking about their safety.

Here’s to better times (thank you all),

Craig Fenton