A Centrist Point Of View On The Price & Profit Of A Gallon Of Gasoline

By a quick show of hands how many would agree to pay 1.00 American money for a gallon of gas from this day forward and forever? I proved my point already. Since I constructed the article I do hope I can ask you to indulge me with two minutes of your time to read the rest.

I often find it difficult to comprehend why on a plethora of topics people gravitate to the left or right and never consider the middle of the road? Since we are talking about the Oil Companies and billions in profits why not continue with the theme. On one side you have people yelling that the profit made in four months time for some of the oil corporations in 2008 were the largest in history. On the flip-side of the coin individuals yelled back that the amount of total taxes paid by the oil industry is probably the highest in North America and they directly or indirectly employee millions of people of all wage levels. Both sides have valid points but are leaving something out of the equation.

Why should the profit a corporation makes at the end of a fiscal year raise your eye? Shouldn’t the bottom line be the price and the value of the service. In 1976 wasn’t a gallon of gasoline roughly fifty-five cents in the United States? Oil executives still were driving the luxury cars and taking their families on trips around the glob. Resentment was minuscule because common sense dictated that if you can get a gallon of gas for under one dollar you have received total value for your hard earned money.

You can use an infinite amount of industries to further solidify the central point of view. Sports would be a perfect one for the next example. In 1973 George Steinbrenner purchased the New York Yankees baseball team for ten million dollars. Last week it was revealed that even with an economic recession the club is worth 1.5 billion dollars. The Yankees are a cash cow for the sales sold per game, the revenue generated from their own television network called YES, merchandising, and several other marketing gems. If you can’t afford to see the team play in person every game can watched on television and listened to on the radio. They show twenty games a season on free TV and a basic cable package on many systems grants you access to the YES Network. From 1995-2007 the team made the playoffs every year.

You can see that in a capitalistic society if a product is legal and ethical we shouldn’t begrudge the Steinbrenner family for being able to own a billion dollar enterprise. As long as the product is competitive and a fan can follow the team via the media outlets mentioned above, the amount of revenue they receive should not be an issue.

Why don’t we all put our heads together on finding ways to keep gas prices stable and in a legitimate price range. If turns out we accomplish the goal let the executives have the house in Maui and Beverly Hills because we can fill-up without mortgaging our own property.

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Please join me your host Craig Fenton the author of the Jefferson Airplane book “Take Me To A Circus Tent” (W/93 photos, 32 interviews, and another 5 star review this week) for the latest Aircast #21.  We check your Airmails, look at the facts, and have 4 great tunes from the vault.  This week we fly back to 1992 for:


Paul Kantner- Guitar & Vocals

Jack Casady- Bass


Papa John Creach- Violin & Vocals

Tim Gorman- Keyboards

Slick Aguilar- Lead Guitar & Vocals

Prairie Prince- Drums 

High Flying Bird 4:42

Blues From An Airplane 2:43

Chauffeur Blues 3:12

Lets Get Together 4:46


Enjoy the flight and thanks as always for your support,

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7/20/07: Hello from Airplane World and good weekend.  Bob Harvey the original bass-player in the J.A. was kind enough to let me world premeir a new song of his called “The Elephant’s Are Marchin.”  Bob sings, plays upright bass, and acoustic guitar, the other guitar is by friend and fine musician Bobby Huckaby.Hope you enjoy the sounds from Bob.  Thank you to Mr. Harvey for his continued kindness. Reason number 1,245,789 to not go to a High School Reunion.  Yesterday I got an email from one of the few people from school that I’m glad found me after 20+ years.  I was glad to hear how well he was doing.  Sadly he mentioned that about 5 people we went to school with had already passed away.  I was given a website address that had photos of the school’s 25th anniversary reunion.  The way people had aged would be too difficult for even Lennon and McCartney to put in words.  One person that I was actually friendly with until the early 1990’s I would not have even known if the name were not listed.  Two women that were pretty without an imperfection didn’t even look remotely the same.  Needless to say the reunion had a sparse turnout, but why did anyone attend?  One of the stupidest things ever invented is a school reunion.  Reunions need to be saved for musicians from the 60’s and 70’s.  Why does Craig The Airplane Man detest reunions so much?  Let’s look at the facts (Not opinions).

Take a large school in a major city.  Let us use 3000 total students as the number that attended the school.  Out of 3000 if we even pretend the most popular person had 20 true friends in the school (Hardly true), they couldn’t care less about 2980.  Even if over the years that person kept in contact with those 20 (No way), they still would have 2980 people that meant nothing to them for the 3-4 years they attended the high school.  When there is a reunion do you think the majority of the universe has any interest in people they never associated to begin with?  It is normally a case of a few that enjoy showing off their bank account and several others that worked on the reunion.

How small was the 25th reunion for my high school?  Less then 100 people attended and that number is much lower because 50 percent of those were not school graduates but there as a date or the spouse of.

The only reunions we need for next year are:

Cream, Deep Purple W/Blackmore, ELP, Jefferson Airplane, etc.

Have a great weekend and always feel good,


 Hi from Airplane World Headquarters (Wherever I can pay my rent)

Please join me Craig Fenton the author of the Jefferson Airplane book “Take Me To A Circus Tent” for the latest Aircast #20).  We check the airmail bag, the fact mill, and as promised some treasures from the vault.  This time around how about “Somebody To Love” with a male lead vocal?

June 10, 07  Marty Balin and Slick Aguilar-        Taste Of Summer

Waukesha, Wisconsin

It’s No Secret

3/5 Of A Mile In 10 Seconds

Summer Of Love

Somebody To Love

(Slow arrangement.  Cool idea).

Thanks as always for your support and time.  Thank you for another 5 star review this week on “Take Me To A Circus Tent” The Jefferson Airplane Flight Manual!  More Airplane photos circa 66 were added at the website.  Check them out.  Enjoy and be well,craig from Airplane World Headquarters (Wherever I can pay my rent)

Please join me Craig Fenton the author of the Jefferson Airplane book “Take Me To A Circus Tent” for the latest Aircast #19).  We check the airmail bag, the fact mill, and as promised some treasures from the vault.  This time around the Airplane plays Dylan and the Byrds as well as one of their own from 1966.  To make it that much nicer the line-up for tonights show has Signe Anderson and Skip Spence.

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Craig The Airplane Man Hi I’m Craig Fenton host of the Jefferson Aircast Number 17.  Please join me as we give you one great tune from the vault and read your Airmails.  Please listen so you can help Signe Anderson the original female singer in the band.  Fighting cancer and a losing battle with the bank account has left her in a poor frame of mind.Enjoy the Aircast #17 and please do what you can to help Signe Anderson!  A legendary Airplane track and one of the most overlooked songs from the band!

Wooden Ships (alternate take) W/”GO RIDE THE MUSIC”  > JPP McStep B Blues (alternate take) W/”GO RIDE THE MUSIC”  

Wally Heider studios in S.F. 3/28 to 6/30/69.


Thank you in advance for helping Signe.  Please note if everyone gave even 1.00 we could make a tremendous difference.


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Hi all:

Happy “Fathers Day.”  This is the first one without my dad so it has been very different.

As you are aware Signe Anderson the former singer for the Jefferson Airplane on the first record has been fighting cancer.  The medical bills and stress has taken so much from her savings and heart.

If each one of you could even give 1.00 it would help greatly.  We have posted on the Jefferson Airplane and Jefferson Starship Message Boards because of the urgency.  Here is a letter from Signe to better give you an introduction to the hell she has faced.

We often think that I can’t make a difference.  We can.  Every bit of money she sees means we tried to help somebody that is in need.  People are all over their heroes when they are on top but if hard times come around, they seem to all of a sudden look for another person to latch on.

Please give this serious thought and do what you can.

Thanks and be well always,

craig the airplane man


Thirty-four years ago I survived uterine, cervical and bladder
cancer.  Double radiation & double chem gave me an extra 34 years.
Twelve  years ago I underwent triple, abdominal, vascular by-pass
surgery to save  my legs.  I walk.  Three years ago I developed edema.
Before they properly  diagnosed my condition, they destroyed my kidneys
and my liver.  I’ve made  great progress to date.  My blood toxins and
ultrasounds relating to both  kidneys and liver are good.  I’m holding
my own.  Physical therapy for nine  months gave me back my legs.  When
I thought I was over the hump, could  actually see a light at the end
of the tunnel, I was diagnosed with breast  cancer.  I have undergone a
radical mastectomy, and a secondary lymph  surgery.  The only treatment
available to me (liver friendly) is Arimidex  an estrogen stopper.  It
is liver tolerable but carries with it very  painful side effects.
Joint and bone pain.  Because I already have  arthritis the side effects are devastating.  Yet there are no medications  available to me
for the paid or the arthritis which are liver friendly.  I  have good
days and I have bad days so I just live with the pain.  My  salvation
has been my garden.  I garden on my backside.  Now mydilemma..  We got a “no cause” “termination of tenancy” which is due to
be  up on Wednesday, June 13, 2007 (To stay any longer we must file court papers).  Physically and mentally I believe
a move  at this time will kill me.  I am trying to fight it and if I
lose I have no  means with which to pay a first, last, deposit, moving
expenses and I find  that it is necessary to swallow my pride, survivor
though I am, this one is  just too much for me to handle without help
from some friends.  I need to  generate funds with which to accomplish
a miracle.  If you are able to  help, please mail me such
funds to me at the address below
My love,

Signe Anderson Ettlin

4702 SW Luradel St.


Portland, Oregon 97219

Please make check to : Signe Ettlin

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