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Greetings from the Frozen Tundra of Rock & Roll Island:

It is still 127 below zero.  Welcome aboard.

There is a good one from the Rock Tent Vault by request today.  4 years before the Jefferson Airplane released “Planes” on the reunion record and played it live the KBC Band had some fun with a different arrangement.

Let’s fly out west for Paul Kantner, Marty Balin, and Jack Casady also known as KBC for:


Got to go rock and roll.

Please board the rock and roll this way for 3 Airplane members playing live:

Wishing you a great day,



js-with-signe.jpg   casady19.jpg


casady1.jpg        jflight-3.jpg

Hello from the Airplane Field: Hi there says the flight crew.  How is the holiday going? 

Yes we seem to be open 24 hours, even holidays.  Thanks for such a great response to the Beatles video (“Rock & Roll Music”) and the Jack Casady rare photos found: 

why not repeat the repeat with not a repeat but more Beatles and Casady for you!  

Beatles are above

Casady would be at the top of the page. 

Thanks to Don Aters and Herb Greene.

 As you enjoy the gem from the Beatles-Circus Krone, Munich, Germany June 24,1966 (“I Feel Fine” from German TV) please remember the new Jefferson Airplane book “Take Me To A Circus Tent” W/5 STAR REVIEWS!     

If you relax for a bit I’ll try to have Part 2 of 3 for you from the cool show with 3 Airplane members playing classic tunes. 

See you soon and thanks for flying by,



You’ve done it!  Welcome to the holiday weekend and the hits keep on coming!


Any cool plans for the long weekend?


April 27th 1969 Oakland Coliseum Hendrix and Casady Voodoo Child Slight Return Jam- all seventeen plus minutes.  About 80 percent of the way through listen when Jimi calls Jack by the wrong name!  However in no way is it an insult!

There were numerous Airmails asking if I could find one more Jack and Jimi Jam.  I am glad to bring a great tune for the in flight music.  If you enjoy this one please check out the other two Jack and Jimi songs I posted recently.  You can simply look to the right of the blog and if you don’t see the title please click on a specific MONTH.  The contents for the previous 30 days will unfold and you can have hours of musical delights as we fly to and from Airplane Land.

Earlier today I posted the rare Herb Greene photos taken of Jack Casady.  I believe several of them were not used in my Jefferson Airplane book “Take Me To A Circus Tent.”  Along with the Casady pictures there was a terrific live video of the Beatles 66!  Words don’t say enough.

I’ll let you rest and hear the music.  Thanks for flying by.  Maybe some more gems from the Airplane Man’s vault can surface late night or early morning.

Be safe on the roads and enjoy,

craig  Beatles video 1

Beatles-Circus Krone, Munich, Germany June 24,1966 (Rock & Roll Music from German TV)

Hello and welcome to Friday again:

Hope the day is going great. Right now 2 for the price of nothing!  If you click above the Jefferson Airmachine brings you back to 1966 for a Beatles gem (Video) and as promised the Jefferson Airplane photos of Jack Casady circa 66/67.  Please scroll down and simply click on the links!  Thank you as always to Herb Greene.  I’ve attempted to give you pictures that did not make the Jefferson Airplane book “Take Me To A Circus Tent.”  Although 93 did, it would have been impossible to fit all the cool shots over the years from Herb Greene and Don Aters. 

Please keep the ideas flowing for the Jefferson Aircasts!  Remember it is for you the fine flyers that board a seat on the Airplaneman’s flight.  Thanks as always!  Maybe if I can fly back in time this evening I can find another Jack Casady and Jimi Hendrix appearance for you.  

This just in from the Airfield command.  If you fly here there will be more Beatles video for you and rare Jack photos!  Alert Alert Alert.  Now back to the regular blog.  Thank you.

Have a great day,

craig “the airplaneman” fenton