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Great SocietyTake Me To A Circus Tent

Have You Seen The Stars Tonite

Have You Seen The Circus Tent Tonite

Quality Rock & Roll Airplane


Welcome to Jefferson Grateful Starship Land:

I hope you are feeling super! We have so much going on that you may need a scorecard for all the treats from the Rock Tent Vault today! 3 for the price of none and it is for the sight and ears as we fly back in the Rock Plane.

There is so much happening from the Rock

Tent Vaults that the ship will be packed today.

Our flight by request has:

A Jefferson Airplane exclusive picture from 1966

With written permission from Herb Greene.

More Grateful Dead exclusive photos

(W/written permission from Ralph Temple)

Some audio treats from the Jefferson Family. I

can tell you the chords if you would like!


High Flying Bird


These 3 goodies come from the Jefferson Starship on stage from 2002.

All links as always are down below. Enjoy the rock and the sight!

Please spread the


The 2 new Jefferson projects have arrived!

Thanks as always!

Relax and have fun!



Take Me To A Circus Tent

I look forward to hearing you later!

The book is Take Me To A Circus Tent (The Jefferson Airplane Flight Manual) W/93 photos, 32 interviews, 543 pages, and a myriad of 5 star reviews!

Please remember at any moment on an Aircast it can be a rare memory from the Jefferson Airplane, Jefferson Starship, KBC, Wooden Ships, Marty Balin, Paul Kantner to name several. Maybe another picture previously unseen from the Rock Tent Vault sees daylight from Herb Greene or Don Aters.

Wishing you a great day,


Please climb aboard for the Jefferson Airplane 66 photo with Signe Anderson:


Please fly here for the Jefferson Starship audio gem of 2002


Please board here for the Grateful Dead journey:



Won’t You Try/Saturday Afternoon



Welcome to very early Friday: 

Thanks for flying with your host Craig Fenton.  How are things? 

Two really strong ones from the Airmachine as we go back to 1989 for the reunion and the old Airplane favorites are part of the journey.  It’s a great summer night August of 89 and after 17 years the J.A. will take flight for a handful of US shows which started in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and ended in Washington, D.C. 

The memories linger forever! Joined by Peter Kaukonen, Tim Gorman, Randy Jackson, and Kenny Aronoff the plane has plenty of fuel and is flying nicely.  Enjoy! 

I’ll look forward to hearing you later on. 

Have a fantastic day! 

All the best,




Wooden Ships: with help from Peter Kaukonen, Randy Jackson, Tim Gorman, and Kenny Aronoff.   

Hello and welcome to Thursday night: 

How are you feeling this evening?  Have a cool one from the vault as we head to 1989 to fly over a boat that may not be the most secure but is never going away.

 Please remember to look at the right side of the page and enjoy the rare Jack Casady photo from 1966.  Herb Greene took a gem of a shot and it has not seen the light of day until today! Please check the myriad of updates the past month.  From rare photos to music from the Rock Tent Vaults, it is all there for you fine passengers. I have to head back inside the tent to pay my rent but I’ll look for you later on. 

Have a fantastic Friday,



Hello there from the Airplane Tower: How is the afternoon going? This should make the flight special.  Two for the price of nothing. First we fly back to the

10/2/93 Alfred College, Alfred, NY Jefferson Starship gig

 St. Charles 

Paul Kantner- guitar, vocals

Marty Balin- vocals

Jack Casady- bass

Papa John Creach- fiddle & vocals (Some tracks)

Slick Aguilar- lead guitar & vocals

Tim Gorman- keyboards

Prairie Prince- drums 

Then if you board the plane here:


 there is a photo from jack Casady at the Monterey Jazz Festival September 3,1966 never seen before!  Thank you Herb Greene. 

Enjoy the rest of the day and I’ll see what treasures are in the circus tent as I hope to pay my rent. Remember to please check out all the photos in the Airshow Pages.  Over 70 rare pictures for you fine flyers. 

Bye for now,


  Click here to hear the post.:


Hello and welcome to a cool Sunday.  How are you doing?  If the above link was hard to open, I am real sorry.  I tried it before and it was fine.  It has been fixed as of September 17, 2007 1:29AM Eastern Airplane Time.

All sorts of treasures for you fine folks today. Please fly here for a super super super rare photo from the  Monterey Jazz Festival-September 3, 66 of Jorma and Paul.  Thanks  Herb Greene. 

There is a Great Society picture of Grace and Jerry  Slick 1966 also from Herb, and the tremendous Don Aters comes  through again with a larger shot of DavidFreiberg.  http://www.takemetoacircustent.net/index.php?pr=J._Airshow_Photos_4 

Would you like to see some Allman Brothers video from 1973? Alright you talked me into it.  Please fly here: 


 Allman Brothers-Grand Opera House “Midnight Rider” from Macon, Georgia (September 10, 73) 

I’ve been able to discover even more photos and Allman’s music.   

Obviously there always will be Jefferson goodies!  

Thanks for flying by and I’ll go back to the Rock Tent now and  check for more rarities.   

Please no mention of the Yankees performance Saturday!        

Large thank you to Janis from Peace & Love for calling the Airplane Tower the second the link went bad!  Thanks so much!  

Always be well,



You can please click here:   http://www.takemetoacircustent.net/media/JeffersonAirplaneTakeMeToACircusTentJefersonAircast33.mp3  

How are things going this evening?  I have been battling (Not

well) a scratchy throat but the Aircast #33 1/3 must go on!  Please

forgive the voice being strained.  It doesn’t help when producer

Plastic Fantastic Pete reminds me of this 1,000 times.  He also

had to procure the worst throat lozenges ever developed in the

Airplane Universe. 

Welcome to the Rock Tent and

Aircast #33 1/3.  This is tremendous

if you have not previously been

exposed to Mr. Jerry Garcia

helping out, there is also:  


Wally Heider’s Studio, San Francisco, California  

Instrumental Blues Jam 1972 Wally Heider’s Studio Trial By Fire #3 (Instrumental) 1972  

Wally Heider’s Studio W/JERRY GARCIA  

Eat Starch Mom (Instrumental) 1972  Wally Heider’s Studio  

The Jam is worth a few listens!  Hope you enjoy the journey back in time and our flight. I am looking through some more photos for you fineflyers from the massive Herb Greene collection. 

Always be well,


P.S.:  Obviously no mention of the Yankee game!!!   


Grace Slick and Jerry Slick circa 66 by Herb GreeneHi there Airplaners: 

Where does the time go.  How are you?  It’s 4:51AM Eastern Airplane time and it seems the day was first getting started.  When you do something you love it is great to not have to look at a watch every few seconds and see the clock hasn’t moved that much. 

I wanted to give another cool Herb Greene photo and a quick comment about human nature.  The photo is Grace Slick and husband at the time Jerry Slick both of the Great Society circa 66.  Can you believe over 40 years ago that was taken? I’ll have a cool bonus Aircast Thursday afternoon sometime.   

Before I forget I have to share with you an Airmail and a comment.  This is my reply to a  very perceptive passenger.  Judy in Clearwater Florida writes Craig I get the feeling there is a very specific reason why you sign off the Aircasts with byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee for now.  Can you share it with us or is it personal? Thanks for the Airmail Judy and while it is personal, I’d love to share it with you.  When my parents were alive they got the biggest kick out of a political program called the McLaughlin Group.  It would be five minutes of talk and then all heck broke loose.  He always signed off bye bye.  It is a take off on that as a remembrance for mom and dad.  

Quick comment and then the Airplane needs to refuel overnight.  I am amazed daily how people seem to fit into two categories nice or mean.  No middle ground anymore.  For example I had the pleasure of speaking to one of Signe Anderson’s good friends Peter about 12 hours ago.  He is in involved with video shoots and editing.  What a professional and articulate gentleman.  Then the other side.  I had posted a question on a board on a person replied that I only posted to spam the forum.  If they felt that way it takes two seconds to type me an Airmail and ask me about their concerns.  The truth is while I promote “Take Me To A Circus Tent” every waking moment I can, I would not use a question and answer forum that may have 100 people tops look at it.  The person should have known that if it were my intention or anyone to plug their website or product, they aren’t going to waste time on any site that wouldn’t have 1000’s of views.  There has to be some reason people get so upset over ridiculous events.   I should get some sleep so that the Thursday journey to the Rock Tent can provide cool music for you fine folks. 

Have a terrific day and it really is easier to be nice than to be rude. 

All the best, 

Craig “The Airplane Man” Fenton

Craig “The Airplane Man” Fenton                                                                         

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