A Centrist Point Of View On The Price & Profit Of A Gallon Of Gasoline

By a quick show of hands how many would agree to pay 1.00 American money for a gallon of gas from this day forward and forever? I proved my point already. Since I constructed the article I do hope I can ask you to indulge me with two minutes of your time to read the rest.

I often find it difficult to comprehend why on a plethora of topics people gravitate to the left or right and never consider the middle of the road? Since we are talking about the Oil Companies and billions in profits why not continue with the theme. On one side you have people yelling that the profit made in four months time for some of the oil corporations in 2008 were the largest in history. On the flip-side of the coin individuals yelled back that the amount of total taxes paid by the oil industry is probably the highest in North America and they directly or indirectly employee millions of people of all wage levels. Both sides have valid points but are leaving something out of the equation.

Why should the profit a corporation makes at the end of a fiscal year raise your eye? Shouldn’t the bottom line be the price and the value of the service. In 1976 wasn’t a gallon of gasoline roughly fifty-five cents in the United States? Oil executives still were driving the luxury cars and taking their families on trips around the glob. Resentment was minuscule because common sense dictated that if you can get a gallon of gas for under one dollar you have received total value for your hard earned money.

You can use an infinite amount of industries to further solidify the central point of view. Sports would be a perfect one for the next example. In 1973 George Steinbrenner purchased the New York Yankees baseball team for ten million dollars. Last week it was revealed that even with an economic recession the club is worth 1.5 billion dollars. The Yankees are a cash cow for the sales sold per game, the revenue generated from their own television network called YES, merchandising, and several other marketing gems. If you can’t afford to see the team play in person every game can watched on television and listened to on the radio. They show twenty games a season on free TV and a basic cable package on many systems grants you access to the YES Network. From 1995-2007 the team made the playoffs every year.

You can see that in a capitalistic society if a product is legal and ethical we shouldn’t begrudge the Steinbrenner family for being able to own a billion dollar enterprise. As long as the product is competitive and a fan can follow the team via the media outlets mentioned above, the amount of revenue they receive should not be an issue.

Why don’t we all put our heads together on finding ways to keep gas prices stable and in a legitimate price range. If turns out we accomplish the goal let the executives have the house in Maui and Beverly Hills because we can fill-up without mortgaging our own property.

Craig Fenton is the creator of Painting My Room In A Colorful Way (the ultimate speaking and writing course with written, audio, email, and phone coaching). He is the author of the Jefferson Airplane book Take Me To A Circus Tent and the Jefferson Starship Have You Seen The Stars Tonite. Craig lectures with a one time member of the Grateful Dead and a legendary American Rock & Roll Photographer.



WWTCD What Would The Colonel Do? The KFC Grilled Chicken Was Nowhere To Be Found

The big day is here! No, it isn’t the moment the beautiful lady neighbor agreed to go out with me, but on my calender in bold it states “Kentucky Fried Chicken KFC Grilled-Chicken Product Launch.”

Thus far the test marketing had been superlative. Containing less fat, calories, and cholesterol the new product on the block was ready to take a front counter seat as a healthier alternative to the fast food artery clogging ingredients.

This morning I am the first person through the door at the local KFC. In my possession is a hungry appetite and a pen and paper for my own review. As I break the land speed record from the front door to the service line I was delivered a blow to the head. Not all locations regardless of the population of the town have been set up to offer the new grilled chicken sandwich for sale. Perplexed as usual I could barely utter the words to the polite employee behind the counter. How can this be with all the hype and time for the product launch?

The word communication would be the answer, sort of. As it turns out not only did all the KFC’s not receive the okay to offer the new product today but the employee had no information as to when they will be approved.

In no way did she act indifferent about the situation. It sounded as if her goal was to try the product as soon as possible. I got handed an address and phone number (which in no way were they obligated to do) of the closest Kentucky Fried Chicken location that offers the grilled chicken.

Since the corporation didn’t articulate their thoughts and game plan correctly the local branch lost several customers today. When I left the premises a husband and wife, and three co-workers were right not far behind.

I learned many phenomenal lessons from my parents (missed more each day) and one of them is to be proud of your community and try to keep money within a close proximity of where you live. Each dollar spent helps keep the economic blood flowing and the publicity of the town positive.

These words are something I hope that the representatives of Kentucky Fried Chicken heard today. Every intention was made to support a new product and do so within a few miles from the home. The best laid plans. The rest of the quote we can finish later, because I’m hungry.

Craig Fenton is the creator of Painting My Room In A Colorful Way (the ultimate speaking and writing course with written, audio, email, and phone coaching). He is the author of the Jefferson Airplane book Take Me To A Circus Tent and the Jefferson Starship Have You Seen The Stars Tonite. Craig lectures with a one time member of the Grateful Dead and a legendary American Rock & Roll Photographer.



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One of the latest social networking phenomenons is Twitter.  It seems to be on the mind of every celebrity, politician, student, business owner, and social maven.

If you aren’t aware of what Twitter is, here is a brief description.  Twitter lets you post (the catch is 140 characters total or less) what you are doing, thoughts on a subject, a plug for a product, or a hello to your friends.  You follow Twitter users and they can follow you as well.

Here is where I have found a new use of the site.  One of the exercises I am currently teaching is how to say what you need to in articulate sentences while still staying in the 140 character restriction.

Yes, there are ways to circumvent the limitations such as using u for you or 4 and not 4 but when you can get a full impact to the reader without having to abbreviate your thoughts, you have learned a valuable tool.

When you speak or write the key is to keep the attention of those that you are communicating with.  We often find ourselves endlessly explaining something that could be stated in more concise patterns.

The exercise is can be advantageous for the sports commentator that has to get his point across between each pitch of a baseball game or in between downs of a National Football League broadcast.  It can help somebody on a job interview think faster and better their choice of words.  Maybe you are a business owner and need to get the attention of a future client in a couple of sentences, or you are writing a headline for a blog post.

Whatever the reason why not try this.  Think of a message you want to get across to friends, family, co-workers, and so on.  Start to write the contents in Microsoft Word.  When you have finished check the character count and if it is over 140 try to condense it without using abbreviations and losing the meaning of your thoughts.  The next thing you can do is to take something that you have already posted or written that is over 140 characters and see if you can truncate this as well.  It is not always feasible to be effective with a word or character limitation but for practice it can only benefit your speaking and writing capabilities today, tomorrow, and further down the road.  What have you got to loose but a few words.   Good luck!


Craig Fenton is the creator of Painting My Room In A Colorful Way (the ultimate speaking and writing course with written, audio, and phone coaching).  He is the author of the Jefferson Airplane book Take Me To A Circus Tent and the Jefferson Starship Have You Seen The Stars Tonite.  Craig lectures with a one time member of the Grateful Dead and a legendary American Rock & Roll Photographer.


Not speaking and writing your best isn’t as funny as this video.  Enjoy it.


Video is here:


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Hi there:

Hope all is well today.  Please share this with full credit to Jerry.

I got an email from original Jefferson Airplane drummer Jerry Peloquin and wanted to share this great story with you:

Denzel  Washington  and  his family visited the  troops at   Brook   Army Medical Centre ,  in   San  Antonio ,
Texas (BAMC) the other day. This is where soldiers who have been  evacuated
from Germany  come to be hospitalized in the United States, especially burn
victims There are some buildings there called Fisher Houses. The Fisher House
is a Hotel where soldiers’ families can stay, for little or no charge, while their soldier
is staying on base, but as you can imagine, they are almost filled most of the time.

While Denzel Washington was visiting BAMC, they gave him a tour of one of the
Fisher Houses. He asked how much one of them would cost to build.  He took his
checkbook out and wrote a check for the full amount right there on the spot.
The soldiers  overseas were amazed to hear this story and want to get the word
out to the American public, because it warmed their hearts  to hear it

What really upsets us is the question why do: Britney   Spears

Tom Cruise and
other Hollywood fluff
make front page news with their ridiculous
antics and Denzel Washington ‘s charity
doesn’t even make page 3 in the Metro section of
any newspaper except the local newspaper in San Antonio .

Thanks for your time,

Craig The Airplane Man Fenton


Hi everyone.

If you notice there will be no plugs or sale pitch for anything of mine.  When tragedy strike such as the loss of my parents over the years or the gunman/hostage situation in Binghamton the only thing that matters is the event. Thoughts are with the entire city and the families involved directly or indirectly with the events today.

In the early 1980’s a Classic Rock radio station WAAL (The Whale) (99.1 on the FM dial if memory serves me well) took a chance on a fairly young broadcaster.  They afforded me the opportunity to work the Saturday 7-12PM shift and sometime during Sunday as well as fill-ins.  It was an honor because during the day I was employed at a small station in Pennsylvania about 82 miles away and the only listeners were cows.  I’m thankful they took the time to hear me.

Binghamton was and is a fantastic city.  A college town with friendly smiles.  The requests lines to the Whale would be jammed and it always took me back how the fine listeners would thank me.  They did Craig Fenton the favor not the other way around.

There was a sense of magic during the time broadcasting.  The outside world stopped and everything in life was viewed from the highest mountain.

I still recall the top of the hour saying “Good evening you’re listening to classic rock on 99.1 FM WAAL Binghamton, New York.”

The catch-phrase Whale was perfect.  Their ratings were tremendous and the signal covered about 90 miles in each direction.

At 3.50 an hour (before taxes) I would have paid them to work there.

For the guys in charge at the time Don Morgan (still there as Program Director), John Carter, and Keith Nelson thank you for taking a chance on me.  Always know that all these decades later I have never forgot the honor of calling the Whale home.

If you are ever in or near Binghamton, New York listen to the Whale and tell them Craig Fenton says hello!

If you have any acquaintances in the city please let them know you care and are thinking about their safety.

Here’s to better times (thank you all),

Craig Fenton


The ultimate speaking, writing, and self-confidence course is here “Painting My Room In A Colorful Way.”

By public-speaker and author Craig Fenton of the Jefferson Airplane book Take Me To A Circus Tent and the Jefferson Starship Have You Seen The Stars Tonite.

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Welcome to Jefferson World (Almost April):

How is the week going thus far?  Thanks

as always for stopping by the Circus Tent


I forgot to mention (sorry) about a

couple of musicians we lost lately.

Former bass-player for the Electric

Light Orchestra Kelly Groucutt

and one of the most well known

drummers ever Louie Bellson.  Thanks

for the sounds you gave us.

Joe Viglione long time author, writer,

manager, and promoter was kind

enough to interview me regarding the

Jefferson Airplane Take Me

To A Circus Tent/and Jefferson

Starship Have You Seen The Stars


Jefferson airplane Jefferson Starship Books

Please board this way for the

Gemm Jefferson Interview With Craig

Thank you for all the


regarding my soon to be



self-confidence course

Painting My Room In A

Colorful Way.”

There will

be nothing that can compare

to the quality, price, and


tools.  This includes not only

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More details coming! They

always will be found here

and at

All the best,



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Jefferson Airplane Jefferson Starship Great Society

Welcome to  the Rock of March Update:

How are you?  Hope things are well.

The Rock Jet will help us enjoy a bunch of goodies from 1966.

Jefferson Airplane 1966 with Signe Anderson:




Live at Klook’s Kleek, London

(15th Nov. 1966) 11/15/66

Meet Me In The Bottom


Be safe on the roads.

A big get well to Angie’s mom!!

Got to go rock and roll.

Please board this way for rock sounds:

Please board this way for the Marty exclusive live Airplane medley:

Wishing you a great day,




Coming Soon: the ultimate speaking, writing, and self-confidence course Painting My Room In A Colorful Way at a price that won’t leave you speechless.

Buy Jefferson Airplane Jefferson Starship Books By Craig Fenton Here

Jefferson Airplane Jefferson Starship Great Society

Welcome Jefferson Rockers:

How are things going today?  I hope the snow/ice that has hit most of Airplane Land has avoided your section of town.

Thanks for the nice feedback about the Great Society rare track and the Paul Kantner goodie from yesterday.  I posted the link once again (below) so all can enjoy the journey.

Want some great live rock and roll?

Somebody that has played with the Jefferson Starship and is friends with people in the Jefferson Family (Paul Scannell) will be bringing his rock and roll talents to the road.

You’ll be rocking on every note if you live in or nearby:

Heads up! Come see “LIVE DEAD” @

FAIRFAX, CA. 94930


“Live Dead” features former members of Workingman’s/Grapefruit Ed, The Zen Tricksters and more!
“Live Dead” let’s the “music play the band” in exquisite detail as the San Francisco Bay Area’s
premier Grateful Dead tribute. Please join us for an evening of music, dance, adventure and community.
Mark your calendar for February 20th!

Live Dead Band is:
STEVE FUNDY> lead guitar and vocals
BARRY ERDE> rhythm guitar and vocals
MITCH STEIN> keyboards and vocals

Come celebrate Valentines Day w/ THE ACCIDENTALS @



We play New Orleans style funk, Grateful Dead, classic rock, and a few originals
guaranteed to melt your face off (if not perspire profusely)!!! No joke. This band burns it up!!!
Music starts around 9pm with our good friends West County Outlaws opening the show.
Don’t miss the love-fest!

“Before and beyond the musical element, we are interested in networking and building COMMUNITY with any and all out there who want to make the world a better place.” -THE ACCIDENTALS

The Accidentals is:
STEVE FUNDY> guitar and vocals
SHEP SILVER> guitar and vocals

Paul Kantner, Grace Slick, and a trillion friends:

Your Mind Has Left Your Body

(From the 1973 Baron Von Tollbooth sessions)

We then go to the

Great Society W/Grace Slick studio circa 1965:

Don’t Mess With Me


Got to go rock and roll.

Quality Rock & Roll

Wishing you a great day,


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