August 2006

Hello fellow Airplaners:

I went through the past 2 days getting photos placed in the proper page sequence and hope that I will be able to use all 75 that I picked.  Even though there are some that have aged, the historical value outweighs everything else.  Not bad to have shots from 63-2006!!

Have a great Wednesday and thanks for all the emails at the website!!

Craig The Airplane Man

Hi every Airplaner:

Yesterday I started to put the photos together for the book.  I am doing everything possible to not have to leave any out due to page size restrictions.  Wish me luck.  I want all the fine Airplaners to enjoy as much product as possible.

Be well and I’m glad my dad is doing better.

All the best,

Craig The Airplane Man 

Hi Airplaners:

Hope the weekend was great.  My dad is doing better and is now closer to home.  Let’s hope he is 100 percent in 10 days.

Did you ever think you could find gold these days?  That’s what it felt like when I made the last entry for the book.  It is a look at a gem of a gem.  An Airplane demo for another record company (Not RCA) from 8/65 with Bob Harvey on bass.

Maybe today and Tuesday I will finalize the pictures and the proper spots for them.  There are enough great ones that it will be hard saying no to any one shot.

Everyone be well,

Craig The Airplane Man

Craig Fenton

Saturday August 26th, 2006 is almost over and it was a day of getting the big picture.

Dad is doing better and that is the main shot on the screen.  I got a bunch of the book photos today to place in the proper spot.  This will be interesting to come up with a game plan so they are spread out but also look most optimum.

The 3rd picture is not one of viewing but one of words.  I was really touched that two people I have never met or emailed, had placed a blurb about the book on the Jefferson Starship site and the 2400 Fulton Strret list.  Thanks!!  Thank you for all the emails already about the book.

Have a great Sunday

Craig the airplane man 

Dad is doing better and that is priority 1.  Before spending the day in the hospital with

him, I checked some of the amazing photos for the book.  There were shots when Signe was in the band that may never have been seen before. 

The nice thing about what they refer to as “Contact Sheets” is there may be 9 photos in 1.  To go through 100’s of photos and attempt to narrow them down isn’t easy.  The people are all major league photographers.

Hope you can stop by the website and watch it take off.

Enjoy Saturday,

Craig The Airplane Man

The last 48 hours were filled with the normal great things that go with the writing of a book.  I got to speak with the Airplane Manager Bill Thompson and I needed to talk with Signe Anderson about a gift.

About 24 hours ago my dad ended up in the hospital.  Before that talking with Signe she is a bit run down from some medical situations. 

It really grasps at your throat how we like to think of our family and stage heroes as well as the athletes we cheer for, are indestructable and can not be harned.  It becomes such a reality check when you see your dad have to spend even 1 second in a hospital.

As the book continues to take flight, a wish that dad and Signe”Feel So Good” soon.

All the best,

Craig Fenton

Craig The Airplane Man 

Hi there:

I am so sorry that the first blog did not come through properly.  A bunch of text got cut off on the right side.

Please visit the website for the most comprehensive Jefferson Airplane book ever for

text that is complete!!  Thank you and happy Wednesday all:  

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