November 2006

Hi all:  It is with great pleasure I am honored to shout: 

Jefferson Airplane book has finally landed!!  The most comprehensive J.A. music publication ever.  Please see below. 

“Take Me To A Circus Tent” (The
Jefferson Airplane Flight Manual)

can be purchased starting November 27th for the
U.S.A. and Canadian markets.  Before it is available on Amazon, Borders, Barnes & Noble, etc you can get it first and faster (always) by going to  Please type in either the book title or Craig Fenton.  You can also order toll free in the
U.S.A. Monday-Friday eastern time 9:15AM-4PM at
1-877-289-2665.   If you are out of the toll free zone in
Canada and parts of
Pennsylvania please call 1-610-941-9999.

For the great people around the globe in the other nations, Amazon
U.K. should have the listing in about 14 days as well as the international distributor Ingram. 

If you have any trouble finding the book outside of the
U.S.A. and
Canada please write to me at the address on my website, and I will make sure that the book will find you!!

For any of the book shops, gift shops, music retailers, etc you can set up arrangements to carry the book through Michelle Shane at:1-877-289-2665 or 1-610-941-9999.  Monday-Friday eastern time 9:15AM-4PM    

“Craig Fenton knows so much about the Jefferson Airplane and family, I was asking him the questions.”  Marty Balin-July 2006. 

“Craig, since you are such a fan of the 60’s music I’m giving you this piece of information first.”  Jerry Miller-Moby Grape. 

“Your brain is all full of amazing Airplane facts.”  Kenny Aronoff-Airplane Drummer 1989. 

“As a real fan and one so knowledgeable, you’ll enjoy this story.”  Sammy Piazza-Hot Tuna drummer.  (Before giving me his exclusive remembrance of a J.A. recording). 

93 Photos (Starting from 1963) including many never in print before, and possibly the 2 rarest Airplane pictures ever, one with Bob Harvey & Jerry Peloquin in the band from 1965 and the other an autographed photo from early 1966 with Skip Spence, Paul signs his name “Paul Airplane.”  266 Questions & Answers are examined from the Airplane & Family.  These are not the same old of the same old!  121 live shows are documented with complete and accurate information.  All the obscure songs and jams finally have titles.  All special guests are mentioned and the first and last time the song is performed is noted.  60 unreleased gems from the studio vaults are explored, including the 1965 
Columbia (That is correct) demo with Bob Harvey! 

Interviews for “Take Me To A Circus Tent”
Slick Aguilar (KBC, 
Jefferson Starship & Wooden Ships)
Peter Albin (Big Brother & The Holding Company, remembers Spencer Dryden & Janis Joplin)
Signe Anderson (
Jefferson Airplane, 
Jefferson Starship)
Kenny Aronoff (1989 
Jefferson Airplane drummer)
Don Aters (Famous rock and roll photographer, remembers Chet Helms)
Marty Balin (Jefferson Airplane, 
Jefferson Starship, & KBC)
John Barbata (
Jefferson Airplane & Jefferson Starship)
Jesse Barish (Wrote St. Charles & Count On Me for the 
Jefferson Starship, Hearts, and 
Atlanta Lady for Marty Balin)
Nick Buck (Hot Tuna & SVT)
Craig Chaquico (Steelwind & Jefferson Starship)
Tom Constanten (Grateful Dead & appearances sitting in with the
Jefferson Starship)
Joey Covington (Hot Tuna & Jefferson Airplane)
Michael Falzarano (Hot Tuna)
Barry Flast (
Jefferson Starship)
David Freiberg (
Jefferson Airplane & Jefferson Starship)
Darby Gould (
Jefferson Starship)
Greg Douglass (Hot Tuna)
Tim Gorman (KBC, Wooden Ships, Jefferson Airplane 1989 reunion & Jefferson Starship)
Bob Harvey (Original 
Jefferson Airplane bass-player)
Paul Kantner (
Jefferson Airplane, 
Jefferson Starship, KBC, &
Wooden Ships)
Peter Kaukonen Hot Tuna, 
Jefferson Starship,
Jefferson Airplane 1989 reunion
(Gives a wonderful tribute to his parents)
Diana Mangano (
Jefferson Starship)
Dennis McNally (Grateful Dead Publicist, and author)
Remembers those members of the Grateful Dead we have lost
Jerry Miller (Moby Grape, remembers Skip Spence & talks about
Moby Grape)
Jerry Peloquin (Original 
Jefferson Airplane drummer)
Sammy Piazza (Hot Tuna)
Pete Sears (
Jefferson Starship & Hot Tuna)
Darby Slick (Great Society w/Grace Slick)
Jerry Slick (Great Society w/Grace Slick)
Mike Somavilla (Quicksilver Messenger Service historian,
organized the Spencer Dryden Benefit,
and is responsible for many Bay Area musicians
releasing archival material)
Bob Steeler (Hot Tuna)
Jack Traylor (Steelwind with David Freiberg, and Craig Chaquico,
songwriting and session work for Paul Kantner and Grace Slick)
Peter van Gelder (Great Society w/Grace Slick)

There was a female vocalist that tried out prior to Signe Anderson getting the job? The person that brought the vocalist for the audition would be part of a major band, and work with a legendary lead vocalist.A
Jefferson Starship member wrote a song for Janis Joplin.  Why did it take so long to be released?
Would it surprise you that Paul McCartney was not the first to use the cool name Wings as a band?  A
Jefferson Airplane member had used it years prior to Paul’s great solo work.
What about two
Jefferson Airplane members playing together for the first time in 37 years, and why there is not a recording of it!
How did Diana Mangano record one song for the Great Society in 2002 and they weren’t even in the studio for it?Did you know that a
Jefferson Airplane member played briefly with Paul Simon’s brother?
What song did Hot Tuna perform for over 40 minutes?Which
Jefferson Airplane member was asked to be part of Steve Miller’s band in 1970?

Which two non
Jefferson Airplane drummers are uncredited for their appearance on the studio version of Feel So Good?
Which Hot Tuna member was asked to be an original member of ZZ Top?Which song performed by Grace Slick and the Great Society did The
Jefferson Airplane decide not to record?
Which one time
Jefferson Airplane member was asked about coming back to the band circa 1967-1968?
Which Hot Tuna member almost became part of Fleetwood Mac in the mid-seventies? 

Which songs have all been performed by the
Jefferson Airplane,
Jefferson Starship, and Hot Tuna?

When did Signe Anderson and Spencer Dryden play together? 

Besides playing the entire album live what were the other twenty-seven songs the KBC performed on stage.Which J.A. member did Skip Spence reunite with 31 years later?What
Jefferson Starship song did the
Jefferson Airplane rehearse for the 1989 reunion tour and not perform?

Which drummer was waiting in the wings in case Spencer Dryden wasn’t well enough to perform at the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame? 

What songs did Signe Anderson and Skip Spence play in 1965 at Skips’ home and which Rolling Stones masterpiece was covered? 

What song did both Paul Kantner’s Wooden Ships and Emerson, Lake & Palmer both perform as an encore? 

Marty Balin: “One night Jorma, Jack, and a great player from
England named Graham Bond (Played with Jack Bruce, and Ginger Baker, before they went on to Cream) are jamming in the studio.  Joey Covington and I are sitting around.  Joey suggests we go see an old violin-player in
Los Angeles.  This old guy plays Somewhere Over The Rainbow; it was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen.  So then we take him back to the studio.  I insisted that he play with Jorma, Jack, and Grand Bond.  (If only that tape circulated).  He was funny.  He told us all the time you guys are too loud.  He couldn’t stand the volume, none of us could.  He was great, what an experience playing with him.  One time I had a friend staying over the house from R.C.A. Records.  He was showing me stride piano (Mostly a jazz technique, that was invented in Harlem, New York City in 1919).  One day Papa John comes over and brings Eubie Blake (A ragtime piano legend) along.  He had to be in his ninety’s at the time (He lived to one hundred).  Eubie starts to play the piano.  Papa John had his fiddle.  All day they are playing.  Eubie would tell Papa John to slow down son.”


Thanks to Don Aters, Rick Martin and Mike Somavilla and all the fine Airplane fans for making it all possible! 

Dad get well soon, the first copy of the book is waiting for you.

 All the best,


Hello there:

Happy Saturday.  Tomorrow all the book details arrive.  The front/back covers are up on the website

Thank you all so much for making a dream a reality,

Airplane Man


Happy and safe holiday.  It looks like the Airplane

will be landing on 11/27/06!!!  I will post all

the details where to get the book first!  I will

make sure that regardless of country the book can

get in your hands.  Thanks soooooooo much

for the amazing emails.  The journey has first


Wish dad well.  Thanskgiving in the hospital isn’t


All the best,

Airplane Man (Soon landing the plane)




Hello Airplane flyers:


From Airplane central



Happy Tuesday.  I spoke w/the publisher this morning and

there are a few minor details left before I’ll have an exact date for

the book release, but we are getting real close They sounded as if we

are right around the corner.  I’ll keep you posted and I am attempting

to contain my excitement because dad is back in the hospital (From the

rehab facility).  Wish him well please.


All the best,

Airplane Man 

Hello Airplaners:

Hope all is well.

I promised I would have the clips from the

Airplane Canadian TV (CBC) from September 14, 1967 taped to air on October 16th, 1967
Enjoy the 3 songs. Quality isn’t great but prior to 2005 these were really hard to find.

Dad is still in the hospital, so any nice thoughts would mean a great deal!

Always be well, (For these videos and other cool things)

“Craig Fenton knows so much about the J.A. and Family, I was asking him the questions.”
Marty Balin July 2006.

Take Me To A Circus Tent is coming on or about the middle of November! 93 photos 544 pages!
Thanks for flying with the J.A.

Hi airplaners:

Wish dad luck they found a blood clot in the leg that needs to be taken care of today, this on top of all else he is facing. 

Have you seen the Stars Tonite, I mean the website

many updated photos and cool audio clicks as we wait for the book on the Jefferson Airplane to land (Soon).

Be well,

Airplane Man

 Hi fellow flight goers:

How are you today?

Sorry for the delay but dad is in the hospital again.


How are you? Dad is in the hospital again, please wish him well. Sad Sad Sad Sad

I promised you 2 golden oldies, here we go. Would 18:31 of magic be alright?

A couple of notes please. 1) The Airplane did play 2 shows on 11/13/70.

2) They did not play Hijack as some reported but they did:





As promised we have some treasures for you on the flight today.

They can be found at the bottom of the page.

Always be well and thank you all great Airplane flight goers,
Airplane Man

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