October 2006


 September 28, 68 unused from the Ed Sullivan show in NYC Won’t You Try/Saturday Afternoon. 

How are you this afternoon?  Need a bit of an energy boost to get to the weekend?  I hope this helps.  The audio and video from the Ed Sullivan Show almost 40 years ago.  The band performed “Crown Of Creation”, however it is always the Airplane Man’s goal to provide something a bit different.  Enjoy! This will be part 2 of 2 and is the VIDEOOOO.  Notice the playing time of the song!  Very interesting version w/Jack’s bass high in the mix. See you soon as we board another flight for the video! 

All the best,


Hi Airplaners:

A quick note that at www.takemetoacircustent.net there have been amazin gadditions as always of old photos and great audio clips.  Today we have Good Shepherd not being sung by Jorma!! 

The Airplane book isn’t too far away.

Thanks and be well,


Hi all and happy weekend to the nice Airplaners:

I am going through the first proof and hopefully it won’t be much longer.

On an important note please continue to wish my dad well and look out for details on how we all can help Signe fight her battle with cancer at www.takemetoacircustent.net

I hope there will be some news about that Sunday/Monday. 

The site is always updated with audio/video/pictures.  The latest gem is Jorma playing with KBC!

Have a great Saturday,

Craig The Airplane Man

Hi fellow Airplaners:

I am in the first phase of the proofing of Take Me To A Circus Tent.  The site is updated constantky www.takemetoacircustent.net with cool rarities and photos, and obviously the info on the book.

The proofing seems to take as long as the writing but it is all the most amazing experience possible.

See you at the site and happy Monday,

Craig The Airplane Man

Hi fellow Airplaners:

It is hard to believe dad is in the hospital for a 10th day.  Let’s hope for better times!

I put up on the site www.takemetoacircustent.net a cool Spencer Dyden and Paul Kantner photo from 1966 and some real nice audio + video.

Enjoy the journey back in time and get ready for the book (Late October or so).


Craig The Airplaneman

Hi fellow Flyers:

Enjoy a great clip of Paul Kantner with CSN at http://www.takemetoacircustent.net.

Please keep the well wishes for dad to get better soon.

I am hoping I can fit another photo in the book. I was given (With great honor) a terrific rarity from the Airplane circa late 65/early 66.

See you at the site.

Be well always,
Craig The Airplane Man