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Welcome to Jefferson World (Almost April):

How is the week going thus far?  Thanks

as always for stopping by the Circus Tent


I forgot to mention (sorry) about a

couple of musicians we lost lately.

Former bass-player for the Electric

Light Orchestra Kelly Groucutt

and one of the most well known

drummers ever Louie Bellson.  Thanks

for the sounds you gave us.

Joe Viglione long time author, writer,

manager, and promoter was kind

enough to interview me regarding the

Jefferson Airplane Take Me

To A Circus Tent/and Jefferson

Starship Have You Seen The Stars


Jefferson airplane Jefferson Starship Books

Please board this way for the

Gemm Jefferson Interview With Craig

Thank you for all the


regarding my soon to be



self-confidence course

Painting My Room In A

Colorful Way.”

There will

be nothing that can compare

to the quality, price, and


tools.  This includes not only

an E-Book, audio, email,

but phone coaching too!

More details coming! They

always will be found here

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