June 2007


Please join me your host for the Jefferson aircast (#18) this week Craig Fenton as we unlock a great unreleased Airplane gem from 40 years ago, give some Jefferson Starship info and whatever else I could think of. As the author of the Jefferson Airplane book “Take Me To A Circus Tent” it is always a pleasure to present the weekly Aircast. Thanks for your support and enjoy the treasure below. JEFFERSON AIRPLANE-1/8/67 WEBSTER HALL, NEW YORK CITY  (JORMA/JACK/GRACE/MARTY/PAUL/SPENCER) FIRST SHOW FOR THEM IN NEW YORK CITY.  THIS WAS BILLED AS A PRESS PARTY & SHOWCASE.  THE QUALITY IS ROUGH but this could not be passed over for those that haven’t heard the performance.    EAST WEST (JAM) 17:31* NOT ON ANY “AIRPLANE FAMILY” RELEASE.W/MIKE BLOOMFIELD GUITAR & MARK NAFTALIN KEYBOARDS FROM THE BUTTERFIELD BLUES BAND.  

Hi all:

How are you this evening?  Sorry for the lack of writing.  I have been involved in a lot of behind the scenes book promotion and often am glued to the phone.

Please don’t forget to help former Airplane member Signe Anderson with anything you can.  She is fighting cancer and a financial mess.

What did you think of the Jefferson Starship only getting 1 song televised Saturday in certain markets?  For example in New York City of all places the viewers got to see “Somebody To Love” but didn’t even know they played “Volunteers.”  The producers have to realize that people aren’t in the crowd and watching to hear endless babble from those that didn’t appear to be very 60’s savy.

The Jefferson Starship let well known NBC personality Lester Holt play bass for the 2 songs.  Regular drummer Prairie Prince is not available for this tour.  You then usually see (And will) Donny Baldwin.  For the Saturday gig it was Mike Scioto.  He did a tremendous job.

A reminder that as the Jefferson Starship summer tour continues in a town near you, some of the events will have a friend and great person Tom Constanten (One time of the Grateful Dead).  Hope you can check out a show or two.

An Aircast may be within a day or two.

Be well and thanks for your support,


http://www.takemetoacircustent.net/media/JeffersonAirplaneTakeMeToACircusTentAircast17.mp3 Hi I’m Craig Fenton host of the Jefferson Aircast Number 17.  Please join me as we give you one great tune from the vault and read your Airmails.  Please listen so you can help Signe Anderson the original female singer in the band.  Fighting cancer and a losing battle with the bank account has left her in a poor frame of mind.Enjoy the Aircast #17 and please do what you can to help Signe Anderson!  A legendary Airplane track and one of the most overlooked songs from the band!

Wooden Ships (alternate take) W/”GO RIDE THE MUSIC”  > JPP McStep B Blues (alternate take) W/”GO RIDE THE MUSIC”  

Wally Heider studios in S.F. 3/28 to 6/30/69.


Thank you in advance for helping Signe.  Please note if everyone gave even 1.00 we could make a tremendous difference.


Always be well,


Hi all:

Happy “Fathers Day.”  This is the first one without my dad so it has been very different.

As you are aware Signe Anderson the former singer for the Jefferson Airplane on the first record has been fighting cancer.  The medical bills and stress has taken so much from her savings and heart.

If each one of you could even give 1.00 it would help greatly.  We have posted on the Jefferson Airplane and Jefferson Starship Message Boards because of the urgency.  Here is a letter from Signe to better give you an introduction to the hell she has faced.

We often think that I can’t make a difference.  We can.  Every bit of money she sees means we tried to help somebody that is in need.  People are all over their heroes when they are on top but if hard times come around, they seem to all of a sudden look for another person to latch on.

Please give this serious thought and do what you can.

Thanks and be well always,

craig the airplane man


Thirty-four years ago I survived uterine, cervical and bladder
cancer.  Double radiation & double chem gave me an extra 34 years.
Twelve  years ago I underwent triple, abdominal, vascular by-pass
surgery to save  my legs.  I walk.  Three years ago I developed edema.
Before they properly  diagnosed my condition, they destroyed my kidneys
and my liver.  I’ve made  great progress to date.  My blood toxins and
ultrasounds relating to both  kidneys and liver are good.  I’m holding
my own.  Physical therapy for nine  months gave me back my legs.  When
I thought I was over the hump, could  actually see a light at the end
of the tunnel, I was diagnosed with breast  cancer.  I have undergone a
radical mastectomy, and a secondary lymph  surgery.  The only treatment
available to me (liver friendly) is Arimidex  an estrogen stopper.  It
is liver tolerable but carries with it very  painful side effects.
Joint and bone pain.  Because I already have  arthritis the side effects are devastating.  Yet there are no medications  available to me
for the paid or the arthritis which are liver friendly.  I  have good
days and I have bad days so I just live with the pain.  My  salvation
has been my garden.  I garden on my backside.  Now mydilemma..  We got a “no cause” “termination of tenancy” which is due to
be  up on Wednesday, June 13, 2007 (To stay any longer we must file court papers).  Physically and mentally I believe
a move  at this time will kill me.  I am trying to fight it and if I
lose I have no  means with which to pay a first, last, deposit, moving
expenses and I find  that it is necessary to swallow my pride, survivor
though I am, this one is  just too much for me to handle without help
from some friends.  I need to  generate funds with which to accomplish
a miracle.  If you are able to  help, please mail me such
funds to me at the address below
My love,

Signe Anderson Ettlin

4702 SW Luradel St.


Portland, Oregon 97219

Please make check to : Signe Ettlin


Hi all:

How are you today?  Aircast Number 16 is up with a great Paul Kantner rarity and help from Grace Slick and Pete Sears.  One song he’ll sing first in Spanish and later in English.  We check the Airmail bag for a funny one.  Please join me your host Craig Fenton.


If you got an email and are wondering did it come from Signe Anderson, it did.  She needs our help and the letter floating around the Airplane world from Monday/Tuesday is Signe!  Thank you.

Have a great flight and be well,

craig the airplane man

Hi there and happy Sunday from Airplane Central.

A few things please.  First as always hope you are doing well. 

I had gotten requests to put some rare Spencer Dryden photos on the website and was happy to do that for you fine folks.  http://www.takemetoacircustent.net

If you go to Page 3 of the photo section they are there for you to enjoy, thanks to the legendary photographer Herb Greene.

Normally I write about the Jefferson Airplane and Family but have to get a plug in for the latest project from Billy Sherwood (YES).  It is called “CIRCA” and he was kind enough to send me an email the other night.  It is real progressive rock and not the watered down version from the 80’s on.  The band has the original “YES” keyboard-player Tony Kaye.  As mentioned the sample I heard was really strong.  Look out for the CD and let us hope they have great things happen.

Back in Airplane land- Marty Balin and Slick Aguilar had a show last night.  They have been doing a few gigs per month and they sound terrific.  If you should have the opportunity to see them alone or as part of the Jefferson Starship you will be very pleased.  Marty will play a bunch of summer gigs with Paul Kantner and David Freiberg as part of the Jefferson Starship!

Remember the Jefferson Aircasts with rare songs are normally once per week.  Check in with your friendly neighborhood Airplane Man for upcoming treasures from the vaults. 

That is it for now.  Have a great day and be well.

All the best,




Hello there from Airplane Land: How are you tonight?  A real cool Aircast is ready to fly for you fine people.

How about the KBC band from Golden Gate Park, San Francisco 1985:

Planes (4 years before the reunion version)

Let’s Go (Marty, Paul, and Grace wanted this on the 89 album but the suits said “NOOOO.”)



Please join me your host and starving author of the Jefferson Airplane book “Take Me To A Circus Tent” Craig Fenton for the fun filled flight.

Thanks as always and be well,

Airplane Man

Hi from Airplane Land:

How are you tonight?  Hope you had a great weekend.

I put another great Herb Greene photo of Grave Slick circa 66 on the website in the Photo section (Page 3 bottom).  http://www.takemetoacircustent.net

A new Aircast will most likley be recorded in the next few days. 

I haven’t thought out the theme yet because my sister and I put dads house up for sale this week.  It was another reminder how much both parents are missed.  Mom and dad would be proud of the two of us for making sure the property looks great and for researching the real estate agents in depth.

Is there a reason I have to be reminded that I am old?  I am so old in fact that yesterday somebody asked me my age and I added one year by mistake.  I thought about it and it didn’t matter.  After 29 it is all the same.  You could be 30 or 50 it still is old.  Over the past couple of weeks I had recieved some very nice emails (Thanks) asking my thoughts on various rock bands and albums from the 60’s and 70’s.  I put a bunch of reviews on Amazon dot come and the last one I did happened to be Renaissance from the King Biscuit Flower Hour.  The record was recorded in 1977.  I finished the last few words of the review (A really fine effort) and it hit me that I was listening to the King Biscuit shows way prior to 77.  Not only do I remember the event from 30 years back, I go even further into the cave.

There is one good thing about being old.  I was able to grow up with the most amazing rock and roll ever and the best radio.  The memories of going to purchase vinyl on most Saturdays all over the Tri-State region of New York City and attending the record conventions are pretty special.  While the records did come with pops/clicks, the covers were the size the human eye wants to view something. 

A Roger Dean cover from a “YES” album gets lost if it is the size of a postcard. 

Being ancient I am attempting to stay up for the entire Yankee/Red Sox game tonight.  Why is another question.  The Yankees are currently as good as post 1977 music.  That my friend is as bad as being old.

Be well always,