April 2007


Hi all fine flyers!

Please get on board for the latest Aircast and the first live version of “Volunteers” W/ a different arrangement.  We’ll read your Airmails and look at the Fact Mill too.  Please join me Craig Fenton

the author of the Jefferson Airplane book “Take Me To A Circus Tent” W/93 photos, 32 interviews,

and 5 star reviews.  The flight boards now.

Be well,



Hi everyone:

How have you been?  Had a tremendous three days in the beautiful city of Louisville, Kentucky.  Had never been and was deeply impressed.

Tom Constanten formerly of the Grateful Dead, Don Aters (40 years taking rock and roll’s finest pictures) and myself had a lecture.

I was able to discuss the Jefferson Airplane book “Take Me To A Circus Tent.”  Don Aters talked about the music scene in the 60’s to the present, and Tom Constanten life with and without the Grateful Dead and he performed a few songs for the fine folks.  One highlight was his version of Cold Rain & Snow!

Tom had played the previous 2 days in Chicago and then late Sunday surprised a cover band in a bar (near Louisville) and played a set with them!

There were so many people that were a great help to us every step of the way:

Juergen Tassmann from the Bunbury Theatre (louisville)

Dawn Haggard (Singer/Songwriter) If she weren’t so talented playing music she would be the best sales/customer service person ever.  She introduced herself to everyone and took an interest in what they did.

Joee Conroy-Sign Waves- Louisville

The band called Purple Back Pocket, thanks to Jack Pendergrass (bass)

Joel Timothy-Musician

The flight was delayed 1:12 minutes coming home.  Nothing would damper the fun.

Everyone have a great Tuesday.

The website will be updated soon as always and a new Podcast will be not far behind.

All the best,





Hi from the Airplane Landing: 

Hope you are well tonight.  The Jefferson Podcast #7 is up on the website and it includes the only live version of the Airplane doing “Comin’ Up The Years” (A+ Marty vocal) and a great lead-off “The Other Side Of This Life” 

It’s on the website http://www.takemetoacircustent.net in the Aircast Podcast section. 

Also thanks so much to one of the radio trade publicationsFriday Morning Quarterback (Ken Sharp) for these words about “Take Me To A Circus Tent” 


“The 543-page behemoth tome (it’s the size of a telephone book) is an indispensable guide  

to all things Airplane and the ultimate document for avid fans.”


I never can say “Thank you enough for those that take the time to say such kind things

about “Take Me To A Circus Tent.”


Have a great Thursday and enjoy the Jefferson Aircast,


“For dyed in the wool Airplane fans, look no further, it begins and ends here.”

Hi everyone:

Hope things are well.  Before I get into the music news, my heart goes out to anyone that it dealing with the Virginia Tech horror in any capacity.  The worst feeling is being helpless.  We can change so much as a person, people, nation, and world but are powerless to rewrite history. 


For you fine folks that grew up with or have an appreciation for the amazing sounds that were part of the music world in 1967, there is a way you can make a summer weekend be 5 STAR’s!!

I had the opportunity to speak with the

promoter (Andrew of the I.E. Artists Group) of the

40th Anniversary Summer Of Love Festival at Monterey. 

There will be a tremendous 3 days of music and a journey to the past July 27-29th, 2007.

If you are interested in Sponsored Partnerships at Corporate Level or know of companies

that would like to be part of the festival please call 510-317-0373.


Thanks as always and look for a new Jefferson Aircast soon,


Hi all:

Hope the weekend has gotten off to a great start.  I had an interesting Friday.  First the music news.

If all goes well finally Tom Comstanten the former Grateful Dead keyboard player, the top rock and roll photographer Don Aters, and I are scheduled to shoot the video for our lecture tour promo April 22nd.  We each speak, take questions, TC plays a set of music and then meet and greet.  After recording ends we have to edit it to 5-8 minutes for agency representation.  It is an honor to work with those two, brilliant minds and quality people.

Since my dad passed away (Still hard to say that or type it) I am fixing up his house for sale.  Not me, I couldn’t draw a straight line with a ruler.  I waited all day today to get a bid on some work and the person wouldn’t give a firm price.  Not only was it something out of a Monty Pythom movie but an intentional waste of my time.

While I am waiting for the Non-Handy-Man to show and waste time I thought I would enjoy a bunch of Beatles DVD’s that were sent to me.  That would have been hard because they were defective.  Either they were blank, would freeze, or play in fast forward only.  One had great video, only trouble no audio. 

I put some great  videos on You Tube.  From George Harrison to Keith Emerson, and Allman Brothers to Taj Mahal.  Enjoy!

You be well and please enjoy the latest Jefferson Airplane Aircast from this week.

Thanks for flying by,

Craig Fenton

 http://www.takemetoacircustent.net/media/JeffersonAirplaneTakeMeToACircusTentAircast6.mp3Jefferson Aircast (Podcast) #6

 Marty Balin 1973 rehearsal with Bodacious D.F. playing a song Marty sang with Hot Tuna in the early days!  Then we fly back to 1970 for an Airplane gem (11 minutes worth) 


Please join your host and starving author of the new Jefferson Airplane book (5 star reviews) “Take Me To A Circus Tent” Craig Fenton for the music and your Airmails.


Thank you, I’ll see you on the next flight,

Craig Fenton

Hi everyone and happy Saturday.  How are you?

I put on You Tube a bunch of really cool rock and roll for you.  The Jefferson Airplane flying high in 69, Allman Brothers W/Duane 1970, Jefferson Starship playing the Grateful Dead, Keith Emerson and Glenn Hughes (Deep Purple) playing a Montrose tune and Keith a solo Piano Tarkus ,and Mr. Carl Palmer does a Hoedown.  These are only a few of the cool items.

All I ask is that the nice people out there support the generous but very starving author of the new Jefferson Airplane book “Take Me To A Circus Tent” W/93 photos, 32 interviews, and 5 STAR REVIEWS!!

Please look for Jefferson Airplane Aircast (Podcast) #6 in the next few days!

Thanks and have a great weekend,


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