February 2007

As I am about to put the finishing touches on 2/26/07, I thought I would see how you are all doing.  I hope things are fine.

Worked a good part of the day promoting the book “Take Me To A Circus Tent” from the inside of the house.  I have been fighting a virus (Went around the hospital where dad is).  The first few days I couldn’t even move.  It was an effort to check email.

Today I had the normal focus and drive.  It is such a tale of two cities.  Sounds like that would be a good book title, anyway…. (The book is the greatest experience possible and seeing dad confined to a bed is the worst). My poor dad is failing more by the day with his health.  The way the doctors talk it could be weeks, or months, but they don’t seem optimistic.  Actually they don’t seem much of anything.  So few of them show any empathy.  It is about money and not even hidden in the eyes.  A disgrace.  It doesn’t stop with the doctors.  The majority of the nursing staff thinks if they give you two minutes of their time, it is a crime. 

Our society for the most part is filled with people that don’t want to know, until it is their problem.  The same folks that couldn’t care less about dad, will never know how awful they are as people until they are in the same position.  Some how the heart escaped many humans.

On the music front I was happy to put a medley of 3 songs from Jesse Barish at the website www.takemetoacircustent.net.  Jesse has a fine CD from 2003 called “Cherry Road.”  Jesse is a fine person as well.

You all feel good and remember family first!

All the best,

Airplane Man

Hello all on the flight:

It is amazing the ups an downs one can have in a short period.  Yesterday I was doing a bunch of promotional things for the book “Take Me To A Circus Tent.”  On one hand I am answering emails from all over the globe and getting to communicate with tremendous people.  I had to get to the hospital and stay over so dad isn’t alone.

I am not even in the room five seconds and dad’s blood pressure starts to drop.  It was a rough two hours. 

I thought I would put a couple of audio gems from Marty Balin for you fine flyers.  The second one is A++++++++++++++++++++++++++++.  If you go to www.takemetoacircustent.net and scroll to the bottom of the audio section, you can fly back to a time when dad was fine, mom was alive and the only worry was what album to purchase next.

Have a great night and please think of dad,

Craig Fenton

Hello there on Airplane Flight 101:

How are you today?  My dad is doing slightly better, but not near the level we would like.

I wanted all of you on board to enjoy a rarity from 1966.  Please go through the magic time tunnel and we’ll be in San Francisco shortly.  www.takemetoacircustent.net please scroll to the bottom of the Audio section and you can enjoy this…………

How is the weather by you?  We had a little snow but a lot of ice and cooollllllld.  No fun when you are an old rocker like me.

Please be safe on the roads and let people know about the greatness of the Jefferson Airplane.

All the best,

Craig Fenton

Author “Take Me To A Circus Tent” (The Jefferson Airplane Flight Manual)

Hi all Flyers:

Hello Airplaners:

My dad suffered a mild (Isn’t that a stupid term?) heart-attack.  He is back in the hospital and very weak. 

Please keep the emails coming for his recovery.

There will be some great promotions for the “Take Me To A Circus Tent” in a live setting; however until dad is safe/well I don’t want to give any the approval.

It is hard to see a parent age this way.  In an optimum world he would be reading the book and asking “What on earth is a Jefferson Airplane and why didn’t they cut their hair?”

Make sure while alive and alert you tell you parent(s) how much you love them.

Have to catch a flight to the hospital.

Have a great day,

Airplane Man

Hello there on the super flight:

How you doing?  Since my dad isn’t doing well thsiweek I have attempted to keep busy with the book “Take Me To A Circus Tent” and coming up with a cool Jefferson Family gem for you fine folks on the flight.

The Jefferson Starship play the Beatles and that is only the start of the 12 minute journey!  Enjoy it at www.takemetoacircustent.net and go to the audio section (Bottom of the page).

Have a great Sunday and remember the importance of family,

Craig The Airplane Man 

Good morning all:

Welcome aboard Jefferson Airplane Flight 1.

I would like to thank a fan that sent in another 5 star review which is at the end of the entry today.

My dad isn’t doing that well and I can’t thank you the book buyers and fans for the nice emails wishing him well.  Certainly every minute I thank you for the support of “Take Me To A Circus Tent” (The Jefferson Airplane Flight Manual).

When you see your parent age so quickly and the quality of life has been drained, it rips your heart out.  I hope tha twe can get dad to have near the health he did prior to being ill.

The book and the website, emails and blog have helped me get through this a bit better.  Thank you all.

Here is a nice review.  Short and to the point.  Remember when you were young and birthdays were the greatest?  Once I turned 30, they weren’t as cool.

Have a great Thursday and thanks for flying J.A. to Rock & Roll Island.

All the best,



*****The Flight Should Go On Forever
Reviewed by: Larry The 60’s Guy Ladler (2/7/2007)
So the other day it is another birthday, boo hiss for me. Being old is no joy but………… There was a moment that blew me away. I got as a gift Craig Fenton’s new Jefferson Airplane book (I refer to it as the Jefferson Everything book) and it delivered the goods first class. I had read many great reviews and thought there had to be something to this. I didn’t pick it up and am sorry I waited until it came to me as a gift. The photos are so plentiful that if you want a treat the first time you open the book flip through all of them. To cover as much as Fenton did with pictures is worthy of a few stars but the main course is the actual attention to detail. How he got so much information into the book is a magic trick I want to know and the interviews are well constructed with knowledge, humor and the true fan he is. I could use big words from my college days but the best approach is this Get The Book. You’ll dig the question and answer segment, you will be glued to the photos and you will not be pulled away from the book when he gets into all the unreleased material that is documented for us. Way to go Mr. Fenton and I hope you have a book signing everywhere.

Hi all:

It has been a rough week.  Dad has not done well at all.  Things seem harder and harder for him to understand.  The book “Take Me To A Circus Tent” and website help tremendously to keep a positive attitude at all times. 

It also helps to think of dad how he was.

With this in mind fly back with me to Spring 1967 and we can check out the Airplane Appearance on The Smothers Brothers show at the website.  www.takemetoacircustent.net

Thanks for being on board the plane.

Any routing interest in the Super Bowl?

Have a great Sunday and a Super one,

Craig The Airplane Man 

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