Hello again fans of quality rock music:

I hope the New Year has gotten off to an amazing start.

Please check out the CD below especially since the chances of me applauding any artist after 1979 is rarer than a winning Lottery Ticket.

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April Martin- Pennies In A Jar 2010


The chances of an artist or band that secured a record contract after 1979 making its way to my ears would be as prevalent as a Lunar Eclipse coinciding with the Winter Solstice.

April Martin’s magnificent effort possesses all the ingredients to be the exception to the rule.  The music is the star; she is unassuming throughout the fourteen tracks, recalling her influences while chiseling the road ahead, and all along the journey always comfortable in her own skin thanks to the success of her day jobs (the practice of psychology and public speaking).

April’s admiration for Joan Baez, Buffy St. Marie, and Peter, Paul & Mary from the 1960’s folk scene is evident and the same can be said for the hankering of the Everly Brothers, the Beatles, and Carole King.

April’s collection of songs came to the attention of Peter Calo (Carly Simon, numerous other session works, as well as a recording artist in his own right).  Peter produced the CD with the culmination that properly articulates April’s vision while splendid to the senses.

The conjurations of the folk oriented tracks are evident from the initial listening.  “Pennies In A Jar” doesn’t take a multitude of attention before you appreciate the contentment between the lyrical and music content.  From the openings notes of “Out of My Hands” (a defectless choice to start the festivities) to the final seconds of “Warrior of the Heart”, April has guided us through a rippleless sea.

I’m irresolute to remove the disc from the CD player knowing it may be another couple of centuries before I’m enthralled again by a release of recent vintage.

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Craig Fenton

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