Not speaking and writing your best isn’t as funny as this video.  Enjoy it.


Video is here:


 Hi all:

Hope you are well.  Normally my blogs are in the music and related categories around Word Press but I am hoping I can share this with those on the humorous side of the fence.  I’m the author of the Jefferson Airplane book “Take Me To A C ircus Tent” and always look for ways to promote.  Yahoo/Jumpcut had a feature where you could take an existing video and do your own thing with it.  I fooled around a bit and didn’t think about the results after posting it on the usual places.

Surprisingly there were endless emails at my website with very kind words from the folks that enjoyed a good laugh or two.

If you had a tough day (Mine would have been great but I root for the Yankees) may this bring a smile.

 I hope the link works from You Tube:

Thank you for your time and be well always,

Craig Fenton

Author of the Jefferson Airplane book

“Take Me To A Circus Tent”