WWTCD What Would The Colonel Do? The KFC Grilled Chicken Was Nowhere To Be Found

The big day is here! No, it isn’t the moment the beautiful lady neighbor agreed to go out with me, but on my calender in bold it states “Kentucky Fried Chicken KFC Grilled-Chicken Product Launch.”

Thus far the test marketing had been superlative. Containing less fat, calories, and cholesterol the new product on the block was ready to take a front counter seat as a healthier alternative to the fast food artery clogging ingredients.

This morning I am the first person through the door at the local KFC. In my possession is a hungry appetite and a pen and paper for my own review. As I break the land speed record from the front door to the service line I was delivered a blow to the head. Not all locations regardless of the population of the town have been set up to offer the new grilled chicken sandwich for sale. Perplexed as usual I could barely utter the words to the polite employee behind the counter. How can this be with all the hype and time for the product launch?

The word communication would be the answer, sort of. As it turns out not only did all the KFC’s not receive the okay to offer the new product today but the employee had no information as to when they will be approved.

In no way did she act indifferent about the situation. It sounded as if her goal was to try the product as soon as possible. I got handed an address and phone number (which in no way were they obligated to do) of the closest Kentucky Fried Chicken location that offers the grilled chicken.

Since the corporation didn’t articulate their thoughts and game plan correctly the local branch lost several customers today. When I left the premises a husband and wife, and three co-workers were right not far behind.

I learned many phenomenal lessons from my parents (missed more each day) and one of them is to be proud of your community and try to keep money within a close proximity of where you live. Each dollar spent helps keep the economic blood flowing and the publicity of the town positive.

These words are something I hope that the representatives of Kentucky Fried Chicken heard today. Every intention was made to support a new product and do so within a few miles from the home. The best laid plans. The rest of the quote we can finish later, because I’m hungry.

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Hello there and welcome to Wednesday afternoon.  How is the flight going today? 

I got several requests for this and thought you may get a kick out of it.  It actually is rather interesting.  Circa 11/69 Grace Slick was asked to record voiceovers for the Sesame Street program originating in the USA.  It was syndicated at the time to stations under the name of PBS or Public Broadcasting.  The segment involved the counting of numbers was called “Jazzy Spies.”  Music is by Denny Zeitlin and production by Jerry Slick.  Yes that Jerry Slick!  Grace’s one time husband and band mate in the Great Society. 

If you like the video please let me know and I can post more for you fine flyers.

Remember please the cool updates here with the recent photos from Herb Greene of the Jefferson Airplane and Great Society, Paul Kantner playing with (CSN) Crosby, Stills, and Nash, and the recent Aircasts with rare Jefferson Family material as part of the Jefferson Airplane book “Take Me To A Circus Tent.”  Thanks so much!!   

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 Hi all:

Hope you are well.  Normally my blogs are in the music and related categories around Word Press but I am hoping I can share this with those on the humorous side of the fence.  I’m the author of the Jefferson Airplane book “Take Me To A C ircus Tent” and always look for ways to promote.  Yahoo/Jumpcut had a feature where you could take an existing video and do your own thing with it.  I fooled around a bit and didn’t think about the results after posting it on the usual places.

Surprisingly there were endless emails at my website with very kind words from the folks that enjoyed a good laugh or two.

If you had a tough day (Mine would have been great but I root for the Yankees) may this bring a smile.

 I hope the link works from You Tube:

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