WWTCD What Would The Colonel Do? The KFC Grilled Chicken Was Nowhere To Be Found

The big day is here! No, it isn’t the moment the beautiful lady neighbor agreed to go out with me, but on my calender in bold it states “Kentucky Fried Chicken KFC Grilled-Chicken Product Launch.”

Thus far the test marketing had been superlative. Containing less fat, calories, and cholesterol the new product on the block was ready to take a front counter seat as a healthier alternative to the fast food artery clogging ingredients.

This morning I am the first person through the door at the local KFC. In my possession is a hungry appetite and a pen and paper for my own review. As I break the land speed record from the front door to the service line I was delivered a blow to the head. Not all locations regardless of the population of the town have been set up to offer the new grilled chicken sandwich for sale. Perplexed as usual I could barely utter the words to the polite employee behind the counter. How can this be with all the hype and time for the product launch?

The word communication would be the answer, sort of. As it turns out not only did all the KFC’s not receive the okay to offer the new product today but the employee had no information as to when they will be approved.

In no way did she act indifferent about the situation. It sounded as if her goal was to try the product as soon as possible. I got handed an address and phone number (which in no way were they obligated to do) of the closest Kentucky Fried Chicken location that offers the grilled chicken.

Since the corporation didn’t articulate their thoughts and game plan correctly the local branch lost several customers today. When I left the premises a husband and wife, and three co-workers were right not far behind.

I learned many phenomenal lessons from my parents (missed more each day) and one of them is to be proud of your community and try to keep money within a close proximity of where you live. Each dollar spent helps keep the economic blood flowing and the publicity of the town positive.

These words are something I hope that the representatives of Kentucky Fried Chicken heard today. Every intention was made to support a new product and do so within a few miles from the home. The best laid plans. The rest of the quote we can finish later, because I’m hungry.

Craig Fenton is the creator of Painting My Room In A Colorful Way (the ultimate speaking and writing course with written, audio, email, and phone coaching). He is the author of the Jefferson Airplane book Take Me To A Circus Tent and the Jefferson Starship Have You Seen The Stars Tonite. Craig lectures with a one time member of the Grateful Dead and a legendary American Rock & Roll Photographer.



Next to your dog are you looking for a new best friend? Don’t worry your pet will never be jealous. Here are three hints, the word is nine letters long, starts with T and ends with S. Are you on the right track? That was a great guess, but not what I had in mind.

It’s the often overlooked marvel called a thesaurus. If you want to improve your writing and speaking ability for business, scholastic, and or personal use this is a tool that can only benefit and never result in negativity.

A thesaurus will enable you to take ordinary words and exchange them for those that have power, passion, and makes the listener or reader focus on your content? Why? Most people are using the simplest word or terminology for their written work or oral presentations and there isn’t anything that differentiates John Doe from Jane Doe or Joe Person from Jill Person.

To give you an indication of what a thesaurus can do why don’t we experiment. A typical sentence will be articulated as follows “It was an important speech.” Let’s use the handy thesaurus and try again. “The speech was incomparable.” “The speaker clearly distinguished himself from all others.”

How often do you hear the word awesome overused? It is at the point that the meaning has lost luster because some people say awesome every other sentence. Why don’t we try to substitute something more powerful? The normal sentence reads “The rainbow that followed the storm was awesome.” The colors of the rainbow following the storm were majestic.”

Why be run of the mill when you have the ability to excel. There is no reason a person of any age can’t build a strong vocabulary and be more confident and comfortable in their expression. The thesaurus is remarkable for the results you can achieve regardless if you are a professional writer or speaker. Each time you use it not only will your results be more superlative but you have increased vocabulary skills for future reference.

If you decide to put a thesaurus under observation on your computer or purchase the actual product, the end will more than justify the means. It’s never too late to be the best you can, especially when the cost is not humongous. Pet the dog and let him know he’s always number one and gets the gold metal, you can save the silver for the thesaurus.


Thank you for the kindness of Chris for making this part of his Blog Carnival!



Hello there from Airplane land on a late Friday.  

How are you?  Some great tunes for you as we fly to both 65 and 72. 

Jefferson Airplane






VOLUNTEERS forth and final song

10/15/66 FILLMORE AUDITORIUM, SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA  JORMA/JACK/SIGNE/MARTY/PAUL/SPENCER                                                           

3/5 OF A MILE IN 10 SECONDS  First song

TOBACCO ROAD Third song   

There will be an error on the Aircast and the first person to bring it to my attention I’ll send some rare photos to you via Airmail!  Good luck!

Please remember at any moment on an Aircast it can be a rare memory from the Jefferson Airplane, Jefferson Starship, KBC, Wooden Ships, Marty Balin, Paul Kantner to name several. 

Have a fantastic Saturday and the return flight will feature  more goodies from the Rock Tent Archives.   

Always feel good,


Jefferson Airplane-








How do you feel?  It’s Friday! 

Welcome aboard our corner of the globe. A fantastic day outside and it was as well in 1972 as the Airmachine fly’s back to hear the Jefferson Airplane perform in the park.  Not any park but Central. 

Please remember at any moment on an Aircast it can be a rare memory from the Jefferson Airplane, Jefferson Starship, KBC, Wooden Ships, Marty Balin, Paul Kantner to name several. 

Hope Friday will be fantastic and I look forward to hearing you later on as our flight returns to Rock And Roll Island. 

All the best,



Won’t You Try/Saturday Afternoon



Welcome to very early Friday: 

Thanks for flying with your host Craig Fenton.  How are things? 

Two really strong ones from the Airmachine as we go back to 1989 for the reunion and the old Airplane favorites are part of the journey.  It’s a great summer night August of 89 and after 17 years the J.A. will take flight for a handful of US shows which started in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and ended in Washington, D.C. 

The memories linger forever! Joined by Peter Kaukonen, Tim Gorman, Randy Jackson, and Kenny Aronoff the plane has plenty of fuel and is flying nicely.  Enjoy! 

I’ll look forward to hearing you later on. 

Have a fantastic day! 

All the best,




Wooden Ships: with help from Peter Kaukonen, Randy Jackson, Tim Gorman, and Kenny Aronoff.   

Hello and welcome to Thursday night: 

How are you feeling this evening?  Have a cool one from the vault as we head to 1989 to fly over a boat that may not be the most secure but is never going away.

 Please remember to look at the right side of the page and enjoy the rare Jack Casady photo from 1966.  Herb Greene took a gem of a shot and it has not seen the light of day until today! Please check the myriad of updates the past month.  From rare photos to music from the Rock Tent Vaults, it is all there for you fine passengers. I have to head back inside the tent to pay my rent but I’ll look for you later on. 

Have a fantastic Friday,



Hello there from the Airplane Tower: How is the afternoon going? This should make the flight special.  Two for the price of nothing. First we fly back to the

10/2/93 Alfred College, Alfred, NY Jefferson Starship gig

 St. Charles 

Paul Kantner- guitar, vocals

Marty Balin- vocals

Jack Casady- bass

Papa John Creach- fiddle & vocals (Some tracks)

Slick Aguilar- lead guitar & vocals

Tim Gorman- keyboards

Prairie Prince- drums 

Then if you board the plane here:


 there is a photo from jack Casady at the Monterey Jazz Festival September 3,1966 never seen before!  Thank you Herb Greene. 

Enjoy the rest of the day and I’ll see what treasures are in the circus tent as I hope to pay my rent. Remember to please check out all the photos in the Airshow Pages.  Over 70 rare pictures for you fine flyers. 

Bye for now,




High Flying Bird (Listen how even at such a young age Signe sounded like a well seasoned pro). 



Plastic Fantastic Lover 

Hello there: 

Spencer we miss you.  I was glad I got an Airmail from a Spencer fan that wanted to hear a couple of tracks from the Rock Cave Vaults. I had to make sure there was one more flight before I fall asleep on the circus tent floor.  The 15 hours without internet service was brutal.  As an author that enjoys answering all the Airmails and giving you fine passengers the music from the archives, when you can’t communicate you really do feel as if the plane is grounded.  Thanks for your patience yesterday. 

Congratulations to Yankee pitcher Andy Pettitte on his career win number 200 last night.  It doesn’t open the door to Cooperstown for him but he has had a solid career.  Yanks are making it an interesting last 10 games or so.  To overtake Boston isn’t looking good since the Red Sox play Tampa Bay next.   What a loss by the Philadelphia Phillies yesterday.  They were right on the heels of the Mets and lost to Cards 2-1. 

Thanks for hanging out with the Airplane Man and have a great Thursday! 

All the best,



Let’s Get Together 


How are things going?  I promised a fast return to the air and it is a nice one from the Rock Tent Vault.  The Youngbloods had a major hit with it and the Airplane should get the same accolades for the cover of the Dino Valente song. 

Thanks for the nice Airmails from the folks that enjoyed a couple of the live cuts with Signe Anderson.  My pleasure!

Yankees made every fan worry tonight.  They held on for a 2-1 victory.    

Have a great night and I’ll look to hear you sometime Thursday with more goodies from the Rock Tent.  I have to go and pay my rent.

Does the sun burn at 11,000 degrees or is it warmer?  I always failed science and don’t have a clue.  Thanks.                                               

Be well,



Kantner, Slick & Freiberg – Baron Von Tollbooth  – 1973 – Your Mind Has Left Your Body –Wally Heider’s Studio-San Francisco, California.

How are you this evening?  After a delay at the Airfield we are ready to fly.  Thanks for boarding. To make up for the Air Computer not passing the test for several hours I’ll try to have an update in the next 3 hours again! Relax and see if this is one toll you don’t mind stopping for.  When you look you’ll hear 3 Airplane members. 

All the best,


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